March 28, 2004

What happened with newspapers??

Nowadays it seems that newspapers do not truly exist anymore in our society today. Mainly its the online websites that are bringing news to our living rooms in our houses.

According to the North County Times Website, In 1964, about 80 percent of the public read the newspaper everyday, according to the National Newspaper Association. That number steadily declined to 58 percent in the mid-1990s, when newspapers and broadcasters began their Web operations. That figure has only seen some small dips and even some gains since then, even as Web viewership has shot through the stratosphere.

I personally enjoy website news better because of added photos and its clearer for me to read it from a website. The newspapers are handy if you are sitting in somewhere bored, but I will continue with my news from either the television or internet.

What are your thoughts on online news? Do you still continue to enjoy reading newspapers even though that the time has changed?

Posted by Stefanie Robb at March 28, 2004 07:17 PM
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