September 29, 2003

What Local Stations Don't Want You To Know!

This article on the internet was great, it provided many points that were defintely true to local news stations. First, I believe that these news anchors are paid to much for what they do... all they do is sit there and talk to their other colleages, plus they need speech lessons since they are always messing up on the air. Its not funny sometimes when you are actually trying to watch the news for once. In my opinion, I don't believe consumer or medical news is as important as the crime and accident stories, those are breaking news.

As being a firefighter, I always see news reporters on scene just as we are arriving on scene practically. They are outstanding with the photos and news coverage they bring back to share on the news. "Yellow flames" are defintely the lead story of the news.

I feel that political and speeches given are quite boring, I always turn off the news when they report that. I am interested in the local/international/sports news. Also, the weather depending on what channel I would like to believe for that day, haha.

Another item I have to bring up is when a news broadcast will mention, "After the break, we'll get on to this story... blah, blah, blah....," Well they NEVER do until 10 minutes after they announce that. When I am anxious to see an exciting story, I am usually on my way out the door and I will take an extra minute to wait for the story, but it never airs. They want us to stick to the news until that story comes on, well I usually turn on another channel until I come back for it, most of the time I forget to turn the news back on, so they lose me as a viewer quite often.

People are are being interviewed are always emotional. Those type of news coverage are always a huge success on the news. People will sit down to actually see people cry the whole time they are being interviewed.

Here is a random thought: I absolutely love Entertainment Tonight news, that is a news show that I love to watch. Also, my favorite news station is KDKA Channel 2 because they are great anchors.

I give credit to the producers and reporters because there would be no way I can produce all the great news that they do within a few hours until it is broadcast over the air.

I prefer newspaper/internet articles over television news anyday. I do not enjoy the brief news that they report, I like the in-depth coverage that the newspaper handles. I always go back and read the news article again to catch little details that I might have missed.

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September 26, 2003

If you are a FRIENDS tv fan, check this out...

Did everyone watch the new season primere of FRIENDS tonight? What did you think of it, leave me some comments below!

I believe that Joey and Rachel should get together. The whole "Ross and Rachel" thing is getting a little old. It was cute when they WERE together. What is up with Monica's hair to? They have to make up little dumb things like this because they are running out of ideas for Monica/Chandler? I am very happy though for Phoebe because she actually is getting the spot light now, have you noticed that she is always the odd ball out?

Well, I can tell this will be a great season and after 10 seasons of FRIENDS, I wish it didn't have to end. I am a huge FRIENDS fan and I will always be.

Feel free to be my guest and leave comments about your feelings on FRIENDS.
Here are some great websites to check out of FRIENDS...

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September 25, 2003

Journalism III

8. Continued...

What- Man invaded a 18 year old Youngstown, Ohio natives house
Where- New Kensington
When- Monday
Why- N/A
How- Bound 18 year old with duct tape and turned on the light and was caught.

An 18-year-old Youngstown, Ohio, native who was bound with duct tape by a man who invaded her New Kensington house on Monday said the intruder must have been dumb.
"He turned on my living room light to look at my stuff while I was in there," said the victim, a Third Avenue resident who requested to be identified only as Laura. "I thought that was stupid. This guy was pretty stupid. I could see his face. I don't know where he got his ideas from."
(Delayed identification)

Who- Samuel C. Sunder, former Jeannette Middle School basketball coach
What- Cocaine charges againist him
Where- Westmoreland County Courthouse
When- Thursday
Why- N/A
How- N/A

A former Jeannette Middle School basketball coach who reached a tentative plea bargain Thursday on cocaine charges dashed out of a rear exit of the Westmoreland County Courthouse Thursday to escape a news media pack that was in hot pursuit.
The suspect, Samuel C. Sunder, 40, of 337 N. First St., Jeannette, ran out of District Justice James Albert's first-floor courthouse office and dashed down the steps as news photographers and reporters chased after him. With supporters cheering him on and jeering the news media, Sunder completed the escape by diving into a van that was waiting for him behind the courthouse.
(immediate identification lead)

Who- Patricia Antoniak
What- Car accident
Where- Hempfield Township
When- Sunday morning
Why- N/A
How- Vehicle failed to negotiate a curve, traveled across the road and struck a stone wall along the westbound shoulder.

A Jeannette woman was taken to Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh after an accident early Sunday morning in Hempfield Township.
State police said Patricia Antoniak was traveling east on Kerr Road shortly before 1 a.m. when her vehicle failed to negotiate a curve, traveled across the road and struck a stone wall along the westbound shoulder.
(immediate identification lead)

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Journalism II


Who- Westmoreland Intermediate Unit students
What- Involved in accident
Where- Route 119 in Hempfield Township
When- Wednesday morning
Why- N/A
How- Involving the bus hit on the left side from a car trying to get into another lane on the highway.

A routine trip to the Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center turned frightening Wednesday morning for seven Westmoreland Intermediate Unit students when their school bus was hit on Route 119 in Hempfield Township.
State police at Greensburg did not release information about the 8:55 a.m. accident yesterday, but a Laidlaw spokesman said none of the victims was seriously injured.
(Multiple-element lead)

Who- David Strager
What- wandered away from an area retirement home
Where-Easy Living Estates on Route 711 in Cook Township
When- Wednesday
Why- N/A
How- N/A

An 85-year-old man who apparently wandered away from an area retirement home Wednesday led police and firefighters on a search of more than three hours.
David Strager, of Easy Living Estates on Route 711 in Cook Township, went missing about 7:30 p.m., according to state police.
(Immediate identification lead)

Who- Frick Hospital
What- 100th anniversary at hospital
Where- Mt. Pleasant
When- 9:30
Why- Dedication of a time capsule
How- N/A

The year-long celebration of Frick Hospital's 100th anniversary will culminate at 9:30 this morning with the dedication of a time capsule to be buried in the main lobby of the Mt. Pleasant facility.
"The capsule contains some representations of the health care practice today. There will be a stethoscope, some medical instruments, scrubs, a brochure highlighting all the different services currently offered, two essays and a pictorial display spanning the 100-year history," said Cheryl Kelly, Frick Hospital's community relations specialist.
(Delayed identification lead)

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The two articles on the Jeannette coach are very similar. They both have the same exact writing throughout most of the articles, but the Tribune Review goes more in-depth. They state how it was very suspcious why he was on cocaine or drugs because of his driving ability. I believe that the Tribune Review article is much more preferable because it has more information that I enjoyed reading about.

My first article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

Coach seeks deal on cocaine charges
Friday, September 05, 2003
By Virginia Kopas Joe, Post-Gazette Staff Writer
A Jeannette middle school basketball coach waived his preliminary hearing yesterday on charges of possessing crack cocaine and is seeking a plea agreement with prosecutors.
Samuel Sunder, 40, of North First Street, Jeannette, is charged with possessing crack cocaine with intent to deliver, conspiracy, eluding police and driving under the influence.
Police said they found more than a dozen bags of crack cocaine, packaged for sale, after Sunder and another man led them on a 2.5-mile chase last week.
Sunder's attorney, Jeff Monzo of Greensburg, said terms of the agreement are still being worked out. Sunder avoided reporters as he entered and left the courtroom of Greensburg District Justice James Albert. He is free on bail and working in his Jeannette barber shop.
The other suspect, Derrick L. Hall, 36, of Jacobs Circle, East Huntingdon, has been charged with possession, intent to deliver, conspiracy and tampering with evidence. Police said Hall threw plastic bags filled with drugs out the window of the minivan Sunder was driving.
Hall's scheduled hearing yesterday was postponed until 11 a.m. Sept. 25 after his attorney, Keith Houser of Greensburg, said the defense was waiting for lab results. Hall remained in Westmoreland County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bond.
Hall is on probation after pleading guilty earlier this year to resisting arrest for fighting with sheriff's deputies when they served him with a warrant in December 2002.
Sunder was hired last year under a supplemental contract to coach the boys' seventh- and eighth-grade basketball team at Jeannette McKee School. He is not a teacher. He was suspended indefinitely after his arrest.
Court papers stated that Greensburg police found 12 to 25 rocks of crack cocaine when Sunder's minivan was stopped at about 1:30 a.m. Aug. 27 on Route 130 near Greensburg Country Club in Hempfield. Suspected cocaine fragments were found on the passenger side of the vehicle.
Greensburg police Capt. George Seranko said a city patrolman noticed suspicious activity in the van when it was parked on Otterman Street and when police stopped to investigate, the van pulled out and led police on a 2.5-mile chase down Route 130.

Article from the Tribune Review

Jeannette coach faces drug charges

By Joe Napsha
Thursday, August 28, 2003
A Jeannette Middle School basketball coach and a companion allegedly had more than a dozen bags of crack cocaine packaged for sale when they led Greensburg police on a more than two-mile chase early Wednesday morning, city police said.
The coach, Samuel C. Sunder, 40, of 337 N. First St., Jeannette, was charged by Greensburg police with possession of crack cocaine with the intent to deliver, criminal conspiracy related to the drug charge, fleeing or eluding a police officer and driving under the influence.

His companion, Derrick L. Hall, 36, of 1106 Jacobs Circle, East Huntingdon Township, was charged with possession of crack cocaine and possession with the intent to deliver, criminal conspiracy related to the drug charge and tampering with physical evidence.

Both men were arraigned before District Justice James Albert, of Greensburg, and jailed in the Westmoreland County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bond. They face a preliminary hearing Sept. 4 before Albert.

Jeannette School Superintendent Vincent Aiello said yesterday that the school district would take "appropriate action" in the matter.

Sunder is not a teacher in the school district, but was hired under a supplemental contract to coach the boys' seventh- and eighth-grade basketball team, Aiello said.

Robert Murphy, Jeannette's athletic director, said Sunder coached for only one season.

In the affidavit filed in support of the charges, police reported they found between 12 and 15 rocks of crack cocaine when Sunder's minivan was stopped at about 1:30 a.m. on Route 130, about one-half mile northwest of the Greensburg Country Club in Hempfield Township.

The crack cocaine and fragments of crack cocaine were found along the passenger side of the vehicle, police said. Hall also had $611 in cash that police said they seized.

Capt. George Seranko said the arrest resulted from the police attempts to make a traffic stop because of suspicious activity.

Patrolman Kerry Dieter stated in the affidavit he was driving an unmarked police cruiser when he saw a man walk away from the minivan, which was parked in a deserted rear parking lot between 230 and 234 W. Otterman St. Police say that is an area where drug activity occurs.

Two Greensburg police cruisers, with lights and sirens activated, followed the minivan more than two miles from Bell Way in the city west onto Route 130 into Hempfield Township. City police, with assistance from Jeannette police, had to box in the van with police vehicles before it stopped, Seranko said. The van was traveling between 40 mph and 45 mph during the chase, Seranko said.

Police suspect Hall threw some of the cocaine out of a window because a rock of crack cocaine was stuck to the outside of the passenger door. State police also found a plastic bag with white residue, believed to be cocaine, about 100 yards east of the Pleasant Drive intersection with Route 130.

According to police, Sunder said he had been drinking alcohol and snorting cocaine earlier that evening. Police reported Sunder said he only served as a driver for Hall, taking him to the Happy Hourz tavern in the 200 block of West Otterman Street.

According to records in the Westmoreland County Clerk of Courts office, Hall is serving a year's probation as a result of pleading guilty in February to resisting arrest for scuffling with sheriff's deputies when they served him with a bench warrant Dec. 19, 2002. A cocaine possession charge was dismissed as part of the plea bargain.

Second Article from Daily Courier

I really liked the catchy title of the story in the Daily Courier. "Two, four, six, eight, A Southmoreland High School senior has a court date." I do not like how the two articles had nothing about this woman, Felicia Huffine, I have no clue who she is or what she did?? I enjoyed the Daily Courier article instead of the Post Gazette one. The Post Gazette used the same exact material information.

Southmoreland: Demoted cheerleader to seek injunction

By Rich Cholodofsky
For the Daily Courier
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Two, four, six, eight. A Southmoreland High School senior has a court date.
The mother of Felicia Huffine, of Upper Tyrone Township, Fayette County, filed court papers Monday seeking her daughter's reinstatement to the school's varsity cheerleading squad.

Huffine is expected to appear for a Sept. 4 court hearing before Westmoreland County Judge Gary Caruso to seek an injunction challenging the school district's decision to remove her from the varsity cheerleading team and demote her to an alternate.

"As a result of the unreasonable, unlawful, arbitrary and capricious decision of the defendant, Felicia Huffine has been deprived of her opportunity to be a varsity cheerleader for her senior year, a position which she earned as a result of her prior three years of cheerleading activity," states her court filing.

Huffine contends that as a varsity cheerleader since the ninth grade, she was exempt from tryouts and automatically earned a position on the varsity cheerleader team for her senior year.

As a condition of team membership, cheerleaders were required to attend a camp held last month at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, near Champion. Huffine contends she was told by the cheerleading coach that she would be dismissed from the squad if she missed the camp.

But the coach and her assistant resigned before the camp, and Huffine said in court documents that school district officials gave her a waiver so she could attend a national dance competition instead of the camp.

Huffine said the district rehired the teachers on July 31 knowing they would punish her for her failure to attend the cheerleading camp.

Southmoreland Assistant Superintendent John Molnar referred all questions to Solicitor David Petonic. He said the district would defend the case and oppose the injunction.

"There is a factual dispute, and we don't concede the merits of her (case). She did not attend a summer camp that all the cheerleaders participated in," Petonic said.

Second Article from Post Gazette Newspaper

Cheerleader sues over demotion on Southmoreland district squad
Wednesday, August 27, 2003
A senior high school student has gone to court to get reinstated as a full-time member of the Westmoreland County school district's varsity cheerleading squad.
Felicia Huffine has a Sept. 4 hearing before Judge Gary Caruso. At the hearing, Huffine will challenge the district's decision to demote her to an alternate on the squad.
Specifically, the suit filed this week by the cheerleader's mother, Cynthia, asks for an injunction that would return her daughter to full-time cheerleader.
In the suit, the demoted teenager contends that because she has been a varsity cheerleader since ninth grade, she is exempt from tryouts and should automatically get a spot on the squad her senior year.
Southmoreland cheerleaders were required to attend a camp in July at Seven Springs and Huffine said that she was told by the cheerleading coach that she would be dismissed from the squad if she missed the camp.
However, both the coach and the assistant coach resigned before the camp was held and Huffine said school district officials gave her a waiver so she could attend a national dance competition. The suit alleges the district then rehired the coach and assistant on July 31, knowing that they would penalize Huffine for not attending cheerleading camp.
The district will defend its decision. Southmoreland Solicitor David Petonic would only comment that Huffine "already is a member of the squad: She is designated as an alternate." Petonic defined an alternate as someone who "would not do all of the stunts that regular member would do."


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September 24, 2003

Journalism Assignment

Journalism Exercise 1-4

Chapter 7: The Inverted Pyramid Exercises 1-4

1. Who-United Jewish Appeal
What- Walk a thon
Where- Springfield
When- N/A
How- Hungry can eat free
Why- Raise money for The Soup Kitchen

2. D.

3. Twelve years after first being proposed, a federal regulation goes into effect Monday to require funeral homes to provide us an itemized list of services and materials they offer, along with the cost of each item, before we agree to any arrangements.
The nation's funeral home directors are required to offer detailed cost statements starting today, a service they say they are now ready to provide us despite nearly a dozen years of debate over the idea.

4. Department of Energy officials stated a nucleur weapon with an equivalent to 150,000 tons of TNT, detonated due to testing, on Tuesday 40 miles from a meeting of pacifists and 2,000 feet beneath the surface of Pahute Mesa in the Nevada desert.

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September 19, 2003


Hey Hey Hey! I am a probie at these weblogs, so bare with me! I wanted to post a brief reflection on my weblog for my Journalism class. I found my weblog on a website, This website is quite "interesting" and I am sure to refer back to it for any weblogs.

The title of my weblog was Drive. In a brief summary, this is about a woman who is picking out the little things we usually don't see on the Pennsylvania turnpike. She mentions about three main items: 1. A mudslide on the
Pa turnpike, could she work that into her E-Z Pass defense argument? 2.
Irony of her playing, "Its Raining Men," and noticeably its not raining, also
she mentions how blondes receive the most attention. 3. She spotted a tanker
truck that reads, "Animal Technical Fat - Not for Human Food Consumption.

I found these 3 items rather out of the ordinary and quite funny. I sound exactly like this woman to choose these 3 odd items.

Check this out on and look under "Traveling in Style" weblogs. Have fun!!

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