November 30, 2003


When reading BIAS, I highlighted important parts that I identified. First of all, I didn't understand what these terms meant until I looked them up on

Liberal -- Not to literal or strict, easy going, careless, free to say/do whatever.

Conserative -- keeping everything neat/perfect, strict, one who favors traditional values and views.

Affirmative action -- reaching out to bring more minorities into the process.

I enjoyed Goldberg's example for affirmative action, " 'Legacies'-- kids, almost always white, who get accepted by a college because mommy or daddy went there twenty-five years earlier." I enjoyed his political and social views and he is defintely a liberal, I love how he states his opinions freely and can careless about anyone's opinion.

Also his example on welfare as being necessarily for people, but people are taking advantage of it. This is still an issue today in our society. My stinking money that I earn is going to people who live on welfare... its funny to see wrecked old looking houses with a Ford truck that is $30,000 parked outside of the shack.

Practically conservatives are for the upperclass workers. And the liberals are for the blue-collared, I don't give a F*** workers.

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Friend- one attached to another by affection or esteem, an acquaintance. This definition refers to a certain person who is my best friend......

Once I arrived at Seton Hill University this year, I realized that college friendships lasts forever unlike high school ones. I built many friendships in my classes and I know I made best friends who will be there forever for me. My first friendship I built was with Susan Robertson... we gained a great friendship, but sadly she is transferring next semester.

I have always been friends with Anne Stadler, but now she is my true best friend. The first time she said that I am her "TRUE" friend, I was like wow, this is great! Plus she is not transferring, lol... and I know for sure she'll be my maid of honor one day!

Here is a quote that goes out to you Anne, thanks for being a great, "TRUE" friend:

The greatest sweetener of human life is Friendship. To raise this to the highest pitch of enjoyment, is a secret which but few discover.
--Joseph Addison

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November 07, 2003


I am really sorry to mention this, but I forgot my notes down in my car and I will try to write this blog as best as I can.

Torill Mortensen was our guest speaker in Journalism on Wednesday and it was great! She mentioned about video games and how people in Norway are only concerned about "DANGERS of video games, tv, computers, etc... I feel that video games for the computer are EXCELLENT for children. They are educational (most that the parents choose) and are helpful for children to learn creatively. It expands their minds socially also.

When I get my notes from my car today.... I will blog more on Torill when I arrive home.

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November 02, 2003

My "hooker" story...

Ok... Karissa, this one goes out to you...


Well after I got all fixed up as being a dirty hooker for my halloween costume, I showed up at work while being the only person who dressed up. My gorgeous long eyelashes (Like Jessica Simpson on NewlyWeds) would not stick on my face and I didn't look as hot as I thought I would. Anywho, everyone gave me compliments throughout the whole night. Its extremely funny to wait on "the elderly" and they would just stare at me like this is my everyday look. Well, what made my night was when a lady was staring at me and mentioned, "Oh, I thought you were all dolled up for your job after this waitressing job." By the way... she was a terrible tipper. Even though I didn't look stunning, I think I am going to keep my job for now as being a waitress and student.

I guess I am not cut out to be a hooker after all....

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