March 30, 2004

On the road to death...

“Death be not proud, though some have called thee”
By: John Donne

This poem was a little difficult for me to critically understand what it was truly about because of the slang terms in it, which include “doe,” “goe,” and “5.” (HAHAHAHAHA) I am not the smartest cookie in the jar, I don't understand 5 and 10--------Amanda.

There are only a few times in life to have fate and chance is like the only chance that death comes around. Death takes over your soul and one spot in your life and after that it does not exist anymore. Death takes over your life and it only happens once, like fate, discovery, glory, and chance. There may be existence after death, but the word “death” dies and a new life begins. Life is a struggle to death by different stages in that specific person’s life. Life is acting like a stepping-stone that has many bumps in the road toward the stage of death.

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March 29, 2004

Boredom Reliever...

I found the perfect solution if you are in a state of boredom. Its called, "The Fan" on the Comcast website. There are a variety of videos from the weather, animation clips, celebrity news, food, and home decorating. Comcast provides many different up-to-date clips from popular television shows. Check this out, I know you won't regret it.

Check The Fan out to keep you preoccupied.

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March 28, 2004

What happened with newspapers??

Nowadays it seems that newspapers do not truly exist anymore in our society today. Mainly its the online websites that are bringing news to our living rooms in our houses.

According to the North County Times Website, In 1964, about 80 percent of the public read the newspaper everyday, according to the National Newspaper Association. That number steadily declined to 58 percent in the mid-1990s, when newspapers and broadcasters began their Web operations. That figure has only seen some small dips and even some gains since then, even as Web viewership has shot through the stratosphere.

I personally enjoy website news better because of added photos and its clearer for me to read it from a website. The newspapers are handy if you are sitting in somewhere bored, but I will continue with my news from either the television or internet.

What are your thoughts on online news? Do you still continue to enjoy reading newspapers even though that the time has changed?

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March 25, 2004

Not again...

I remember the first semester of school, I was angered at the parking situations at school. Now when I only have 2 months left of school, I still can't find a stinking parking spot. Why can't they build this 180 parking lot during summer when half of these parking spots will be empty? Why build it when they need these spots for commuters! This is bull crap, I am highly furious! Half of the residents don't even use their cars for weeks to travel anywhere and I believe they should park their cars up in Caritas Christi! (No offense to any of my resident buddies who drive.) I pay $30 a year to park in peanut heaven, wait for a shuttle (sometimes in the rain), and be late for my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is getting ridiculous. I have been through construction with schools since I was in the 2nd grade. Please give me a chance to break away! I don't know what else to do, maybe have my mom drop me off to school everyday like before I had my license. Oh well, I had to get my frustration out about these damn parking situations. Are you fed up as much as I am???

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March 23, 2004

A Day In The Life Of...

As I was happily walking from my car onto the cement sidewalk today at school, a couple items came across my mind that I thought about. All people should be thankful for the lives that they have, but what if we were born as an animal? What would our life be like?

As I walked a squirrel eating some nuts in the grass, I thought what would be his daily duties for that day. Does he have a family? A job? Hobbies?

I think about my cat Flan. We can him the "human" cat. He acts like a human in many ways. For example: Loves taking baths (by himself), will only eat out of a box or bag with a hole in it from his crunchies, and drinks from a water fountain on the table. What goes in Flan's mind everyday? Is he lonely since he has no other pets around and stays inside all day?

Sometimes I wish I could be an animal. Sometimes though, I think about the faults. Example: Easy accidents of getting injured or killed, gross food to eat, and a short life span.

Who knows, maybe one day when I pass away gray & old I may turn into an animal of my choice.

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A True Family...

Today, I scheduled my classes with my advisor, Dr. Jerz. I realized how involved he wants me in other classes besides my required ones for my English Creative Writing major. I always loved photography and I decided that I may take that class in one of my upcoming years.

After I sat there for over an hour and discussed these classes with him. I realized that being an English major is great. I have built a "True Family" among my friends during classes. I sat down and thought, "Wow I get to graduate with these people." You are all great and I am so glad that I am apart of all of your lives.

I am extremely thankful that I was blessed to have a talent in English that I can share with my future students. Plus the stories I will tell them of how I gained the best friends in the world from being an English major. I seriously believe that we all are apart of a "Jerz's family."

I pray that the blogging family community will never fall apart and that we stay one family for years to come. Thanks everyone! :-)

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March 16, 2004

Yes girls... this one is for you!

On my homepage, a story caught my eye yesterday that I thought reflected on my last blog about relationships.

It is something about men in uniform that make women swoon! From these 3 reasons... can you all see now why I love firemen so much? :-)


Breathe girls, BREATHE!

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March 15, 2004

One of those days... AGAIN!

I think since I know how to upload files, all I want to do is post pictures! Puff and I love comics, so I figured that I would post another for everyone. This comic represents how I feel because I am completely, insanely, utterly, absolutely stressed out! I swear school is never going to mellow out. This is how I feel about my relationship since its always school then work then relationship time.... I don't know what I am rambling on about, but I needed a comic to cheer me up.


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March 8, 2004

Another week, less sleep...

Has it occurred to anyone else lately that even though we had a full week of Spring break... a time to relax, to sleep, and to rest... that break did not help me out with my sleep record though. Anymore, I stay up late at night or after school to do assignments. Homework is overwhelming and my mid-term grades aren't showing the effort, time, and stamina I put into all of this work. Here is a comic of how I have been feeling lately about sleep and waking up...


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March 6, 2004

What happened to great television shows?

When I was younger, it was the ultimate duty for every person to watch SNICK on Nickelodeon every weekend. I remember cuddling up on the couch and my dad would sit on the recliner... together we would watch SNICK. I was so frightened when I watch "Are you afraid of the dark" and I laughed at "All that." I thought that it would be nice to sit down and actually do some research to refresh my memories of the best television shows.

After looking through many wesbites, I looked at a Classic Nick Homepage that brightened up my day. This website is outstanding. It provides the history of Nickelodeon and a huge list of old Nick shows.

Any person can sign the petition on this website to help bring back these old shows. I think this is an outstanding idea because I have no watched Nick in years since SNICK was on.

My favorite shows were Hey Dude, All That, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Pete and Pete, Clarissa Explains It All, Double Dare, and Salute Your Shorts.

I think we should put our heads together and get these old shows back!

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I'm Innocent!

Ok.... this story goes out to Lori since she told me to blog it. On Tuesday, as you all know, I was almost hit by a cow-like bull. To make my week even worse, on Wednesday, I was pulled over by a cop for the first time. By the way, if you all don't know, I am an extremely slow, safe, and alert driver, so I assumed I didn't do anything. I was slowing down at the red light and I heard, "Blupe Blupe" and he turned on his lights. I pulled into a parking lot and I was highly embarassed since many people were outside. He asked for my license, registration, and insurance card... but there was my problem. My registration for my car expired and so was my insurance. Then I didn't carry my insurance card with me, so he gave me a warning for everything and almost points for not having my card. I was so scared that I was shaking when I handed him all of my information. Plus, this man was not too friendly. I guess I will always remember being pulled over, but I always thought that officers say, "Have a good day" or "Good afternoon Ma'm." I guess that isn't how it is in real life. Oh well, this week was memorable. I get to tell my children that I was almost hit by a cow and pulled over. Lori, this story goes out to you!

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March 2, 2004

A "Mad Cow" kind of day...

As I was driving down my lovely road of Crabtree, Pennsylvania, it appeared to be an extremely windy day outside. The trees were harshly swaying side-to-side, my hair was a big rat's nest in the wind, and while driving, there were trash cans all over the road, which I was then forced to drive on the wrong side of the road....

On to the interesting part....

As I continue driving, only on my road, not even to the main road yet (oh heaven I did not want to get on to that road yet), there was an enormous, cow-like animal running down the road in the direction toward my car on the other side of the road. It was either a black cow or a bull. I slammed on my brakes and the cow decided that it wanted to walk down the road beside my car while I was driving. I looked at this cow and it was bleeding from the nose, while shaking its head. Two men in a truck appeared ahead with a rifle in their hands, I was scared. I think the story behind this is, this "mad cow" escaped from the butchering building and the two men were trying to capture it. I called my mother and brother to warn them about the raging cow and be careful while driving on our street.

This my friend is the scariest, funniest, and interesting day of my life......HAHA

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