April 29, 2004

The Deadly Last Week of School: A Review of My Research Project

Is it just me... or are research projects a trend around campus??

My research project for my Introduction to Literary Studies class was not a breeze as I thought it would be. I really wanted to do my project on Machinal (one of my favorite books of the class). I came across the fact that there is not enough information to write a 8-page paper on it. **So I went to plan B

I wrote my paper on Death of a Salesman and how the father-son relationship is affected in it. Also, stress and jobs affect a father's life toward a son. Also, how Biff's school work changes Willy's thoughts about his son.

Overall, I did not like this assignment because of the arguments. This was one of the hardest research papers that I wrote so far this year.


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A Diamond Is Forever...

After reading, "The Diamond Age," I finally figured out why I was not a true fan of science fiction novels. I thought the book was a little too difficult for me to comprehend (maybe I will read it again during the summer).

At the end... It would be nice if Stephenson continued the novel. I do like the idea of breaking up the book into a series.

I do agree though with my classmates that the light that was shining at the end of the book was a path to heaven.

Overall, I did not enjoy this book--- but I loved the rest of the novels/plays we read in class.

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April 26, 2004

The Many "Reasons" Of Wit...

During my intense reading of the play, Wit, I took a few notes.

At the beginning, the title struck me how there is a semi-colon (;) instead of the letter (i) in the word Wit. After I finished the book, I am still a little confused on why that semi-colon is there instead of the letter, someone please help me understand this, its bothering me?!

While reading, I came across on Pg. 35 a line of her little monologue speech to the audience:

Not to worry. Brevity is the soul of wit.

This line of the play struck me and I had to look up the meaning of the words, Brevity and Wit.

From a dictionary, I placed all the definitions together to form my sord of meaning.

Shortness of time is the soul of intelligence.

This explains why Donne's poems are extremely hard to understand, while confusing. While trying to analyze the meaning of "Death be not proud.." he defintely is not clear of some parts, while I agree with student 2 on page 60.

I think its like he's hiding. I think he's really confused, I don't know, maybe he's scared, so he hides behind all the complicated stuff, hides behind this wit.

During Vivian's time in the hospital she informs the audience of her past history of being a professor and many different vocabulary words that I never knew.

She gains a friendship with the nurse, Suzie and asks her to take care of her at all times. [She shows a sensitive side of her that she never has shown before].

The end shocked me! I can't believe Suzie did not tell Jason about the CODE incase Vivian passes away. And at the end....

It's a doctor fuck up.
What is he, a resident?
Got us up here on a DNR.
Called a code on a no-code.

JASON: Oh, God.

WOW, a surprising end.... Jason making a mistake. I wonder the thoughts that went on in Vivian's head when she passed away and they were trying to resuscitate her.

----Overall, I enjoyed this play a lot. Its intense.

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April 25, 2004

The Road Ahead of Me

I can remember back when I was in 8th grade. My teacher, Mr. Smith, was a classic fellow that I will always remember. His comical personality, his down-to-Earth views, and his quirky teaching styles.. helped convinced my motives to decide on a future career. His way of life, actions, thoughts, and personality encouraged me to attend a university and major in Secondary English Education.

Since this incident, I have been intrigued by my English talents in high school to advance into Seton Hill University and continue with my skills.

As I reached my freshman year at SHU, I noticed a slight difference in my so called, "talent." I was never a procrasinator in high school and suddenly once I hit college, I had thoughts in my head of "I give up, this school is extremely too tough for my ability to succeed."

The subject of English means a lot to me. I enjoy writing, reading, and all the other possibilites tied into it. I have always loved teaching my stuffed animals that I used as my imaginary students for my classroom class when I was a little girl, but now to be a teacher, sometimes a hero to students is going to be the best feeling in the world to have inside of myself. I'm excited to have Miss Robb on the chalkboard of my classroom and students in my class saying, "This class is a blast."

Throughout this year, I registered for a variety of diverse classes that have already helped me become better acquainted with my studies of English. I even gained a great friendship with all of the "Jerz Family" otherwise known as the Journalism/English/Education majors.

I wasn't always into reading books, but I enjoyed writing papers so my Women Writers class during my fall semester helped me appreciate different women writers among countries around the world.

Also, my education technology classes prepared me to use technology in my future classroom. I learned how to write lesson plans, make websites, keep a gradebook, and objectives (anticipatory sets) in my class.

During this semester, Thinking and Writing became harder to achieve "A's" in. I was always outstanding at writing in high school and once I arrived at SHU, my writing style collapsed. The foundation I built off of my other classes assisted me to improve my writing style in Thinking and Writing this semester.

...By the little lessons taught every day on how to improve my writing skills, this will benefit me for my sophomore year at SHU. Also, it has helped me with writing my research papers during this last week of school. I gained a large perspective on different authors, poems, world wide web, and blogging.

During this "unique" freshman year at an anomalous school, I learned the hardships of life... AND how my English major may be hard to succeed.

Overall, I hope to achieve everything at best during my years here, by improving not only my English talent, but the person who I am.

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April 21, 2004

Its That Time Of Year...

The last weeks of our freshman year at college are coming to an end. The tension is pulling, the hearts are beating, and the stress is worse than ever.... Its FINALS time and we all need a little help to relieve the anxiety attacks.

I am stressing out and losing my mind... pretty much most people are in the same boat as I am. So, I decided to think of some ways to make these 2 weeks left of school a little less haunting by providing everyone with useful websites.

Resarch papers can be a killer. Sometimes different teachers want different styles of writing them. I came across this helpful website. It will help you step-by-step if you are truly having difficulties with it.

Time-management is helpful and necessary during this apprehensive time. I have a problem with TM and I think its best if you write out absolutely everything you do for the next two weeks, well we will all make it together! I provided a extremely helpful schedule so you can write down everything you plan on doing for the next weeks. I did this same schedule in high school and it improved my time-management.

Lastly, one more helpful way to relieve you tension...

Here are 101 ways to relieve stress while you are writing out your research papers or studying for the deadly finals.

**I hope these helpful websites will make your life a little less stressful during the last weeks of college. We should be the happiest right now since we will not see one another for a few months. Enjoy the time that is left at school and stay stress-free!!!

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April 13, 2004

Fire Sprinklers in Universities

Last summer my mother and I were taken on a tour through Seton Hill University when I was accepted to the college. Even though I am not a resident, I was shown the inside of the dormitories of the school. Also, my fellow friend and student at SHU, Amanda Cochran, is also concerned about the fire safety at Seton Hill.

As being a firefighter, I noticed two fire safety items that I could not pass up and since last summer, it still bothers me.

First of all, there are absolutely no fire sprinkler systems in the dorms of the university. As of today, there is not one law stating that fire sprinklers in high rise buildings, universities, and colleges are a requirement.

Metro News stated: House Bill 4361, which recently passed in the state house, would only require colleges and universities to install fire sprinklers in all dormitories by 2013 unless exempted.

According to State Senator Brad Burzynski, "If they save lives in dorms, they are a good idea." "I think sprinklers are more inclined to save properties than save lives."

Here is my argument to this statement:

1. Yes, fire sprinklers do protect and save property, but sprinklers drench the fire spots so the fire does no spread throughout the buildings.

2. Also, it helps save time for people to get out of the building safely.

3. Fire sprinklers help put out the fire so it does not spread to other buildlings or other items on campus.

4. Sprinklers take care of a large porportion of the fire so when the firefighters arrive, they will have a little reliever to get the victims out of the building while knocking down the minimal fire that is left after the sprinklers take care of it.

The fire sprinklers may not have been installed because the buildings are quite old, but during this renevation of the dorms, sprinklers should be extremely enforced. The cost of fire sprinklers are extremely cheaper than the cost to re-build a college incase of a fire.

The cost to install sprinkler systems could run between $2.50 and $3.50 a square foot, according to the National Fire Sprinkler Association in Patterson, N.Y.

Also, another fire safety precaution I found throughout the college was the fact that some of the classrooms do not provide a fire extinguisher. Every classroom should indeed have one installed and I noticed that the older parts of the campus (Maura) provide extinguishers, while the newest part (Admin) do not have them. At least there are the usual pull boxes in case of a fire and some fire extinguishers in the hallways of the buildings.

Rep. Daniel Burke, D-Chicago, who proposed the legislation, said there are about 1,800 fires in college dorms every year. Since 1990, those fires have resulted in 32 deaths, he said.

Within the next 4 years that I am at Seton Hill University, I would really like to see a change in fire safety.

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The Mystery Continues...The Shroud of Turin

Two nights ago I came across on CNN reporters discussing the Shroud of Turin. I guess I am not as familiar with my religion as I should be because I did not understand what the Shroud was. I decided to research this mystery in-depth and I wanted to see what the popularity behind it was.

According to Shroud Story, this website gives a nice detailed summary of what the Shroud really is. "An ancient linen cloth that is kept at St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Turin, Italy. It is about 14 feet long and 3 feet wide. It contains front and back images of a man who appears to be lying in burial repose after being crucified.
Many believe that the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of Jesus."

CNN came across two new facts about the Shroud on August 20, 2000. First of all, a Isreali botanist taken pollen from the cloth. Secondly, there is stitching on the cloth that maybe from Masada, a Jewish fortress during the 1st Century A.D.

This mystery will continue until we find proof that it is genuinely authentic...


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April 04, 2004

Daylight Savings, Can This Hurt or Help Us?

Daylight Savings Time is when we turn the clocks ahead one hour to gain more sunlight and time. Everyone complains about this, but look at it this way, it gets darker later instead of looking outside at 5 and its pitch black.

DST may hurt us because we lose only one dinky hour of sleep. But farmers have it hard also with the schedule of their animals that sleep. According to Webexibits, Canadian poultry producer Marty Notenbomer notes, "The chickens do not adapt to the changed clock until several weeks have gone by so the first week of April and the last week of October are very frustrating for us."

DST though can help us out in many reasons. Saves energy, prevents crime, saves lives, prevents traffic injuries, and you get plenty more sunlight out there to enjoy you Spring and Summer weather!

I brought DST to everyone's attention since the day before this tradition happens, I hear the "GRR" and "UGHH" of losing an hour of sleep. But look more positive when DST happens again!

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April 03, 2004


Thank heaven that I finally added colors and an image to my blogging website! Its so exciting that I think we should all throw a party in Admin 4th floor lab! I officially pimped out my website y'all.


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