June 25, 2004

I love Blogging!

The title of my blog sums it up, "I love blogging." I think this is a quote I use almost everyday.

This past Tuesday I ran into my friend, Amanda at the Mt. Pleasant fireman's parade. It was so nice to see and chat with her for 20 minutes. About 2 minutes in to the conversation, sooner or later one of us had to bring up blogging.

On Thursday, I went to Barnes and Noble for Dr. Arnzen's book signing (sadly on my part they were sold out of his books :-( ) and I introduced myself to Dr. Arnzen and told him I am a frequent blogger listed under Firefighter Chica.

Blogging is an everyday topic in my life and I will invent the "I love blogging" bumper sticker to put on my VW.

Plus I came across on ebay the "Blog in a Box" software set, I love that saying, "Blog in a box." ---Can we say addicted?

blog in a box.jpg

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June 22, 2004

Summertime Fun

Summertime is supposed to be about relaxation and fun... but it seems to me that every student I chat with who attends SHU, really misses school. I will admit, I miss my friends, but defintely not the school work. Since I am taking 6 classes this upcoming fall semester, I only look forward to a few of them (I do not like the core classes). I am excited for my "Writing for the Internet class" but I have to wipe the dust that has grown on my blogging skills lately and practice writing.

This summer has been somewhat exciting, yet dreadful.

First of all, I received the worse news of my life. My boyfriend, Dustin, was sent a notice that he will be deployed to Iraq for 6 months.

Secondly. all of my friends from school went home and I kind of do want to go back to class to see them.

Third, I have been applying for summer jobs and it seems like they don't need any new employees, I need extra change!

Lastly, has anyone noticed that its been raining and dreary out everyday since the summer began??

Looking on the bright side though....

*Its nice to sit back and start reading some books. I have been catching up on some Agatha Christie, Nicholas Sparks, and my firefighting novels. Excellent choices! I have also read that I am not the only one reading books, but Amanda Cochran as well.

*Getting a nice tan is also another item to check off on my "to do list." In my case, I did not get a tan, but I am burnt like a lobster, eeks!

Here is a preview of my summer so far.... June is never exciting, but July is the best, stay tuned!

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June 14, 2004

Getting another job... and another

Obviously I have not been able to write any entries lately on my blogging website because I've been busy with summer class... *phew over this week.

As I was daydreaming in class, I thought that the summer is the best time to get another job. Since I already am waitressing... I decided on getting two more jobs so I can get a newer car and move out (hopefully) next year.

I am applying at a tanning salon and at Gadzooks @ the mall. *Its funny how I don't have a job at a grocery store or fruit market like everyone else does!

Hopefully all goes well this week when I apply for my numerous jobs.

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June 1, 2004

6 months

Dear ....

I received the news today...
How can I mourn with this discouraging event?
4, 5, 6 months?
This sorrow and agony overflows throughout my body.

My pessimistic views of the world collided in my thoughts today,
Why must I live with this distress?
I sit back and try to cope with my misery.


The days continue to pass by... soon those 6 months will arrive.

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