July 30, 2004

Kerry and Affleck Arrive In Town

The phone rang yesterday morning, I reached for it, but gave up my strength and let the answering machine take the call. Well, it was a representative of John Kerry announcing that Kerry will be in Greensburg campaging for the upcoming elections for president. I was shocked.

Today, I reached for my daily Tribune Review newspaper, to see Kerry on the front cover and a popular film actor, Ben Affleck, who will also be tagging along to represent Kerry!

Kerry, Edwards embark on cross-country campaign

Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry plunged into the general election and embarked Friday on a coast-to-coast campaign swing through 21 states aimed at convincing millions of undecided voters that he will stand up for ordinary Americans.

....Making Greensburg, Pennsylvania his third stop of his coast-to-coast tour.

**I'm more excited to see Ben Affleck the most. When celebrities coming to a small town in Pennsylvania, its a breakthrough.

Here's the scoop:

The event will take place in area in front of Ehalt Street by Greensburg's train station.

Campaign organizers said yesterday that final details of the event are still being worked out, but Kerry is expected to address the crowd sometime after 1 p.m. The crowd will be allowed to enter the rally site at 11 a.m.

The event is free, but tickets are needed to enter the rally. Tickets can be obtained through the county's Democratic Party headquarters or printed online from John Kerry's Web site.

While reading the opinion section, I came across Randy Bish's astronomical comics.... this one summed up the Westmoreland County area quite well.


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July 22, 2004

Yes... I AM ALIVE!

I want to apologize for not being able to blog for the month of July. I have been having computer problems and my life is very hectic. As soon as I recover, I will blog my little heart out... in the mean time, don't forget about me!!


Excited to see ya'll next month back at thee ol' SHU campus.

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July 1, 2004

Shopping Addiction

During the summer... I get kind of lonely and depressed since many of my friends are not around. So, since I make a decent amount of money waitressing I decided to take myself on a shopping spree. I took $320 with me and ended up with $11 left over. I went to Kaufmann's, Express, and Charlotte Russe. Can we say addicted? Well, I did a little investigating to see if I am seriously a "shopaholic."


Here are the results...

I took a quiz to see if I was truly a shopaholic.. it looks like I am one.

Ladies and Gentleman... here are some facts to prevent yourself from being addicted to shopping.

It feels great to spend money and I also bargain shop, but it greatly damaged my wallet when I returned home. I can't afford gas in my car or my cell phone bill, at least I look great though in all of my new clothes!

A quote I tell everyone: I would rather "give" than "receive."

Next time you are off to the mall to shop.... ALWAYS take a certain amount of money so you don't go over your budget like I do. :-)

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A few years back, I came up with a list of 200 things to do over the summer. Well, after trying to delete some items from my word perfect folder, I came across these things to do and decided not to delete them. Well, if anyone gets bored, here are some ideas on what to do over the summer....

(These things to do are mainly for girls... sorry boys!)

....P.S..... I have no life!

1. Play board games all day.
2. Go get a make over at the mall.
3. Throw a sleep over with three of your pals and play truth or dare, eat munchies, and watch flicks all nite. While staying up 24/7, makeovers, manicures, and pedicure are free.
4. Make an ultra breakfast for your friends or family.
5. Give yourself a free pass/coupon to eat whatever you want for one day.
6. Play charades with you friends.
7. Rent 5 scary movies and watch them with your friends within 2 days.
8. Go have a fun time at a playground.
9. Go out for pizza.
10. Read and write some poetry.
11. Go to a thrift store for some neat, vintage items.
12. Make a scrap book about a relationship you are in, family, friends, or things you did over the summer.
13. Pick some flowers from your garden and put them in your room.
14. Grab a Cosmopolitan magazine and take some quizzes out of it.
15. Go to a park with some McDonald's and a friend... have a small picnic.
16. Look through old yearbooks.
17. Buy a book of Mad Libs to pass the time.
18. Discover a new talent.
19. Meditate for 30 minutes.
20. Throw a theme party and invite your closest friends.
21. Go bowling!
22. Write down 3 goals you want to accomplish for the school year to come.
23. Read a novel or different style of book that you usually don't read.
24. Treat a friend to lunch.
25. Play truth or dare with your friends (for old times sake).
26. Make koolaide popcicles.
27. Have a reading done by a fortune teller.
28. Apply for a summer job.
29. Buy a dream book to discover what your dreams mean.
30. Go on a steady diet for one month.
31. Pitch a tent, invite some friends over, cook smores, and have a fun camping experience.
32. Blow bubbles.
33. Attend a book club at Barnes and Noble.
34. Go to an amusement park.
35. Make a collage.
36. GOLF!
37. Play BINGO.
38. Go to a flea market to find treasures.
39. Create a website.
40. Make a mixed cd (legally, lol).
41. Bake cupcakes and decorate them.

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