September 26, 2004

On A Deserted Island

Here is a familiar question for everyone out there to answer, so I can become more familiar with my blogging community and my classmates of Writing for the Internet.

Imagine your plane was struck down and you were stranded on a desert island. What three items or three people would be a necessity for you to have there?


Mine defintely would be my family (and cat), my closet full of clothing, shoes, and purses, and my computer.

Check out the comic...


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September 08, 2004


I never really had the time to actually sit down and search for random webloggers on the net, until (Thanks Dr. Jerz!) I was assigned to look for two weblogs of our interests. I did some minimal research and in my conclusion I came across some extra awesome weblogs! I believe that I can relate more to girl webloggers because of the same interests, hobbies, thoughts... you know, "Girl Stuff."

....Sorry boys, I don't think that you would be interested in vanilla bikini wax from Lattedahdeedah's weblog!

Another attention the fact that these weblogs are gorgeous!! I am extremely interested in making my weblog look this extravagent.

So... thank you Dr. Jerz for assigning us to research other weblogs... because my dull mind would have never thought of doing such a thing!!

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