October 30, 2004

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. Even though I am almost 20 yrs old, today I still go trick or treating. I am taking advantage of this time because I pass for a 14 yr old and I receive free candy! So, I did a little fun research on the holiday since I want to inform my fellow bloggers and gain knowledge for myself about it.

Here is an awesome webpage that describes the origin and history of Halloween. Interesting stuff!

In your free time, you can play some horror games.

Did you know trivia and stuff like this :-)


A survey taken in the Washington D.C. area of 2.5 million children, statistics show rankings of the most popular children Halloween costumes purchased. I thought this part was interesting because its not only in the Washington area, but since I work around many kids, I can tell we continue the trend.

If you are in the mood for something to eat, check out these haunting recipes.

If you plan on enjoying your Halloween weekend possibly outside by a camp fire, maybe these urban legends will come in handy to discuss.

Here is a list of scary movies you can rent over the weekend. Friday the 13th is my ultimate favorite movie.

A list of haunted places around Pennsylvania..... this freaks me out.


I hope this entry was interesting to you, maybe bring you some entertainment this Halloween weekend. I look forward to Sunday trick or treating as being a cowgirl. I will post my experience of that night. Other than that, have fun and a nice Halloween!

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October 25, 2004

A Little More From Rebecca Blood

What I found interesting in reading chapters 5-7 of Rebecca Blood's book, "The Weblog Handbook" were 3 main facts that caught my attention.

1. In chapter 5, Blood mentions about weblog mailing lists and discussion groups online. This help promotes websites strictly for webloggers and make a person's weblog appear to any audience. Plus, if there are topics and subjects that weblogs are based upon, (ex: firefighting) I might click on that subject weblog than (ex: President Bush). On Yahoo, there is a website for groups of people, I am guessing its a weblog community.

2. In chapter 6, Blood discusses about asking for a link. This occurs when a person surfs on another person's weblog, comments, and says, "Hey, since I commented on your blog, will you comment on mine? I linked here, will you link on mine? I think this is ok if you are desperate for comments in your classroom, not from a total stranger. This is pretty much just saying that you are not even interested in their blog, just for a comment from them. I'm guilty of this though.

3. In chapter 7, Blood talks about pictures and webcams on your weblog. I have not yet posted a picture of myself, but after my one friend was stalked by another person online, I am not to sure if I feel I am safe with this.

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October 22, 2004

My Portfolio Overview

I have been a blogger for over a year now and I can conclude that out of my four blogging portfolios, this way by far the hardest one. Also, it was not so much fun like the past assignments. But here is a look at what is inside of my portfolio for all of you viewers out there.


Five Student Panals

At the beginning of the school year, Dr. Jerz assigned us different topics to present in front of the class. Five of the students that I posted a blog entry about were some of my many favorite presenters in class. This includes, StormyKnight, Neha Bawa, Ryan Burger, Chris Ulicne, and Michael Iorio.

After reviewing three books in class, I commented some of my own personal reviews about each book.

Book Reviews
Hot Text
Writing for the Web
The Weblog Handbook


Mischelia Pellot discussed in her blog about caffeine and sleep deprivation in her real life college days. So, I wanted to take this issue a little further and I did a little research on stress, sleep deprivation, and caffeine.

I presented in class about my own personal New Media Journalism webblog. Here is an example of a virtual, quick tour of it.


One of my favorite blogs that I posted (with the most comments I ever received from one entry) was my post about what 3 things would you bring to survive on a dessert island?

Girl Stuff Blogs are the next on my favorite lists. Here's another example of one of my personal favorites.

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October 18, 2004

Stess-Ah! Sleep Deprivation-Ah! Caffeine to the Rescue?-Oh Please!

Obviously its mid-term week. Well, it seems to me like like the word mid-term is everyday of my life here at good old Seton Hill. Yes, I will admit, I did overload my self this semester with my schedule including...

Mon- 9-2 classes/6-9 bowling
Tues- 11-2 classes & work study job/6-8 class
Wed- 9-2 classes/3:30-8:30 work
Thurs- 11-2 classes & work study job/4-8:30 work
Fri- 9-2 classes/3:30-9:30 work
Sat- 8-3:30 fireschool/4-9:30 work
Sun- OFF!!

Anywho, Stress, Sleep Deprivation, and Caffeine are the ultimate words that haunt us during this period of our lives. I did a little research to conclude that caffeine is the best medicine to keep you awake during these crisis times. Not only do you need to consume caffeine, but on the CNN health website, it suggests different tactics for you to use to stay up.

I've also noticed since I've been a college student, I rarely get a full night's worth of sleep. Florence Cardinal provides information on what to do in a situation before you take a major test.

Johns Hopkin's College did a survey among students and how much sleep they receieve every night. Based on a 25 student survey, students get 6.5 hours a day of sleep. Its obvious that college students receieve less sleep because of stress, homework, and going out. Sometimes caffeine is the best medicine.

I completely agree with the surveys because I only receieve about 5-7 hours a night of sleep. I can barely make it through a class each day no matter how much sleep I get. I am up most of the night and the early morning doing homework.

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Wiki--That Sounds Funny!

After Michael presented his views on what a Wiki was, I was amazed that there was even such a thing! I would like to interact with the Wiki website more. Not only does the site help provide people with information, but in a typical person's style of writing, so it may be easier to understand it. Its awesome that in WFTI, we are introduced to many off the wall, we thought never existed items in class. Including a wiki, among the few.

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October 15, 2004

Chris---The King of Blogs

Chris Ulicne's presentation in front of the class and on his blogging website presents the differences between Edu-Blogs and Pundit Blogs. I never knew up until now that there are specific types of blogs? I wonder how many different types there are? Tell ya the truth, I am not into either of those blogs, do they make a name for personal blogs? I mean, I know Edu-Blogs are educational, but they can get boring after a while. Chris did an excellent job with his topics, which makes me believe that he is a professional at his blogging website, just look at it! Its awesome! :-)

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Ryan, one of my favorite bloggers, really had me thinking the day he presented 9/11 and blogging. I'm especially close with the NY firefighters who passed away. First of all, I didn't realize how many bloggers posted about 9/11. I agree with Melissa's post about him. Its a shame that he didn't have enough time to present because I was really touched by his blog. Ryan, you did an excellent job on your presentation!

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Now This Girl Knows What She Is Talking About

Just from my title, you can obviously tell that I am talking about Neha Bawa's weblog! Her presentation shocked me completely because she knew so much about weblogs! I was completely informed and I even look back sometimes on her blog for advice and help. I never knew what a permanlink was until Neha defined it. I think students who never had a blogging website before, can learn from her definitions and expertise skills. If I ever have a question, I know I can turn to Neha!

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Off The Wall...awesome!

Until Stormy Knight presented her panal on an overview of her weblog, I never knew what an online journal looked like. Its a privilidge to be able to read about someone's personal thoughts and opinions. I respect the fact that she has been apart of the online community, just as how I am for a year now. She bascially summed up her presentation with her online journal that she has kept since she was (I believe) 14 yrs old? Plus, she was one of the first people to have color on her blogging website, which is neat.

Stormy is quite creative and I love reading about her daily journal.

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October 14, 2004

Hot Text; Well, Its Not As Hot...

I don't know if its just me, but I am not feeling two books of my class. What caught my attention about "Hot Text" by Johnathan and Lisa Price was the funny pictures included at every chapter, lol.

In class right now, we are in the process of creating our own email newsletter wtih a group. Melissa Lutz and I, created, "Entertainment Spotlight." A newsletter dedicated to celebrities and to inform our audience of upcoming movie, plus television show reviews. This book is very effective, in that, the chapter about Shortening the Text will help us produce an outstanding newsletter. Its one thing to have confusing paragraphs throughout the newsletter, but when I a viewer unsubscribes to it since its soo boring! Well, by making each paragraph short (cutting them in half) or even posting bullets by the text will allow people to feel engaged to your newsletter and won't leave them hanging there falling asleep. Johnathan and Lisa Price show you how to take a long paragraph and divide it into a set of bullets, which is very helpful!

Overall, this book is very informative for a person who is truly dedicated into creating a webpage.

This may sound mean (And hey, I am a nice person!) I'm just not feeling this book or the price either, I'm sorry.

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Not A Piece Of Cake As I Expected It To Be

Crawford Kilian's book, "Writing for the Web" is a very informative book to help provide an audience with a responsiblity to educate in the building of a webpage. I think I enjoy blogging more than making my own website.

Although I was not a big fan at first of the book (maybe I need to read it twice), I did find one chapter that interest me.

Writing Good Web Text

--Avoid cliques, haha, I am guilty of doing this. A webpage should look professional, I agree, but one of my standards is to make a page look fun, colorful, and draw people back to your site.

The book is helpful since I am an English major and I still have grammatical errors all the time.

I did some research and found the Crawford Kilian has a weblog himself, that's quite interesting! I plan on commenting on his blog and I feel that since we all read his book, maybe we should let him know our opinions and thoughts about it!

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A 5-star Book

I never knew there were so many books written about blogging until I entered into Dr. Jerz's class.

I loved Rebecca Blood's book, "The Weblog Handbook."

weblog book.gif

She seperates each individual concept of what a weblog is about. She provided me with many informative tools to improve my weblog, especially during Christmas break when I have a lot of time on my hands.

"A weblog is a coffeehouse conversation in text, with references as required." One of Rebecca Blood's first quotes of her book struck my attention. I completely agree with it. I consider the blogging community my, "blogging family" and I have been apart of it for over a year now--I think its time for a reunion.

Another topic she discussed in her book was the concept of, "Why Should I Weblog?" ---Haha, I asked this same question the first day I was introduced to it in Dr. Jerz's, Practice of Journalism class last fall semester.

Who Should Weblog?

A weblog is extremely time-consuming, especially around mid-term. I can come up with quick topics to write about, its just the effort I put into my work. I remember I used to be able to write 5 blog entries a week, psh, that thought slipped my mind. I admire and respect those individuals who can maintain a weblog site, plus an online journal!

Overall, I think a weblog is efficient to have because you meet new individuals, plus you can see how they write or how they think.

I pretty much have the same thoughts as Rebecca Blood does... I collect links to add to my page and I think to myself, am I going to be the responsible one to handle my weblog?

Even though I have been exposed to the blogging world, I still am not familiar wtih a list of items. But after reading this book, it helps me understand overall the word, "weblog."

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A Look At My SHU Blog

A few weeks back, I presented a tour of my SHU blog to the class. Silly me, I forgot to post a write up about it.

Although I have been a blogger for well over a year now, I've been slacking off greatly on my part...eeks! I mean, I really enjoy coming up with ideas and topics to discuss (only Amanda knows the room in my house where I write down my blogging topics).

During my presentation, I wanted to inform you students that blogging is fun, just when you have the time to post items. Even if it is the smallest entry or the longest with well research coverage, any topic can strike up a comment spree.

Looking back on my past archives, I noticed that when I discuss topics in our lives or around campus, I receieve the most comments. Sometimes you may receive recognition of an entry from another faculty member.

Also, adding pictures to an entry can spur up the comments. It adds color to make your blogging website, warm and delightful to read! :-) Plus, you can bring up a lot of discussion! *My all time favorite entry.

Blog entries can be sincere and serious. Sometimes you might have to bring up a topic that is meaningful to you. When you inform an audience about your situation or problem, the "blogging family" will stick by you and post comments for support, suggestions, or even to cheer you up. The blogging community is a nice "community bulletin board" which is practically like a family, just in front of a computer screen. My boyfriend was shipped out to Iraq for the second time this year. And it was nice to have my blogging family there to support me. So, I wrote down my dearest thoughts and came up with a short story to inform viewers of my situation.

I hope this presentation on my SHU blog has informed you of the different entries or topics you can post in your weblog. If you ever need any help with your weblog, feel free to write me!

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