November 30, 2004

Movin' On Up...

Wikipedia is moving on up in the world, now improved to present Wikinews, a website which will present original material rather than just compiling and summarizing information found elsewhere, according to the news site's organizers.

I was introduced to Wikipedia in Dr. Jerz's, Writing for the Internet class this year and since then, I have used this online encyclopedia to research various topics in my courses.

Questions about the new site:
Will viewers be able to edit this "news" on Wikinews?
Is Wikipedia and Wikinews going to be the same website or two seperate?

I am excited to use Wikinews since I usually use Wikipedia. Jimmy Wales was a smart man inventing a webpage that YOU the viewers can edit and help continue the great status that it holds.

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While doing research on, I came across an interesting article that was published on November 30, 2004.



Merriam-Webster's dictionary posts the top 10 words that are searched for on their website every year. M & W conclude that "BLOG" was the number one word searched for on their website.

Merriam-Webster Inc. said on Tuesday that blog, defined as "a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks," was one of the most looked-up words on its Internet sites this year.

Springfield, Massachusetts-based Merriam-Webster compiles the list each year by taking the most researched words on its Web sites and then excluding perennials such as affect/effect and profanity.

The company said most online dictionary queries were for uncommon terms, but people also turned to its Web sites for words in news headlines.
(With the help of Dr. Jerz's blogging classes, W & M congratulate us for not knowing what blogging was and looking up the word, "BLOG" on their website).

A Merriam-Webster spokesman said it was not possible to say how many times blog had been looked up on its Web sites but that from July onward, the word received tens of thousands of hits per month.

Blog will be a new entry in the 2005 version of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition.

The complete list of words of the year is available on W & M's website.

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November 27, 2004

What's Really Going On In My Cat's Head...

Many people have pets in their lives who they love awfully much. Well, my cat, Mr. Flan Pussoui (Yes its French or something), is the love of my life. I have never had a pet in my life who I have grown so close to, its practically like I am living with my best friend. Flan and I discuss the daily news, he is my shoulder to cry on when I am sad, and he is just practically a human that I can talk to about anything.

... I know something is going on in Flan's mind, so I wanted to do a little research on his psychological aspects of his brain... here are the results:

According to the cat's website I did research on, it discussed that a feline can distinguish its closest human pals and owners by sight, smell, and sound. I can agree with this because when Mr. Flan hears my voice or hears my car pull in the drive way, he is alert and sitting on our front porch's window waiting for me.

There is not one day in the word that I don't go without telling my cat how much I love him to death. If it wasn't for my "best friend" who is supportive throughout my marine's departure to Kuwait, then I don't know what I do or where I would be since Mr. Flan is my best friend.

"Cats certainly can think," says Dr. John Wright, a certified animal behaviorist and psychology professor at Mercer University.

Cats learn these things by observation and imitation, and by trial and error. By continually going over to the same spot that you place the food at or even when you are potty training them, this continuous habit teaches them, just like how humans teach their children.

Over the Christmas break, I plan on keeping a daily journal of my cat's behavior. I want to figure out what truly is on Mr. Flan's mind. His behavor and symptoms may help me distinguish this.


What do you think is on your pet's mind? Does he/she show it in behavior? By barking/meowing?

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November 1, 2004

Blogging and Reality, The Perfect Mix

Blogging has become a trend in our society today. I compared it to flair jeans in my paper. These jeans were stylish in the 1970's and presently are in style of the 21st century. Weblogs are going to continue the same way. They have been in style since the early 1990's, the popularity maintained steady, and now grown to become one of the most popular items on the internet.

Off of the trends... now on to reality.

I believe that the reality show trends has influenced bloggers to post entries about these shows, people, music, etc... Personally, I enjoy writing about entertainment issues. I have the computer right in front of me to add links, pictures, and post more information about it. Its better than writing on paper and trying to find info off of the web.

Dr. Jerz was correct, weblogs are similar to soap operas. People will sit down for that hour each day and intertwine their personal lives into these fictional characters. Our weblogs are like this situation. I love to read people's personal lives or what they feel sparks viewers to read their blogs. I feel like I am their shoes when they give a great description of an event they went to or their weekend of fun.

We use these reality shoes, for ex: The Real World and comment on a pair of jeans or the new tv's they have on there. So, pretty much we advertise the items and bring the reality into our own personal lives.

Overall, reality plays a major part in our weblog community. I feel if it wasn't for reality shows, I would not be able to produce entries on my blog.

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