January 31, 2005

Drink Anyone?

Since I've been at Carbone's Restaurant for 4 years now, I was always quite curious about me being behind the bar as a bartender. I've been every type of job there is possible down there... from salads, to dishwashing, to busing, and now waitressing, now I want to try to be a bartender.

I am registering for a class at WCCC for the summer called, "So you want to be a bartender?" My goal is to read as many books and study hard. I guess Bartending for Dummies may come in handy.

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January 23, 2005

A shoutout to the Steelers! LET'S GO PITTSBURGH!


Check this out... Ben Roethlisberger has a blog on his personal website. Check it out... don't you wish you could receieve 200 comments on your blog! LOVE YOU BEN!

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January 22, 2005

Arriving Back At The Hill

Well... its back to school time, oh did I enjoy my vacation! From talking to all of my fellow friends, we all don't want to admit it, but we do miss Seton Hill. I really didn't do much over this break because I figured that it was my vacation and time to be lazy.

I am finally accomplishing some tasks on my New Year's Resolution list. I have been gradually cleaning my bedroom (which by the way, takes at least a minimum of 3 weeks to clean). Also, I lost a few pounds, a little noticeable. I spent more time with my family and friends, which I know I was never able to accomplish while in school. And for the most important part, I have prepared myself for my future spring semester. I need to focus on not being stressed out and to really study, to earn that GPA that I've always wanted.

I visited Seton Hill yesterday to buy some textbooks and finish up on some last minute business. I realized that I do miss this school and the people in it. It was nice to see those familiar faces that I did everyday when I walked down the halls.

The only bad part about starting school on the 24th is that my birthday is tomorrow and I can't stay out late :( The big 2-0!!! I can't wait to see what I get for my birthday, probabley my favorite stuff: CLOTHES!



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January 19, 2005

3 Column Craze

Installing 3 columns for Stef...

I need a posted entry to see what things look like before I stop for the day.

Sincerely in style,


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January 7, 2005

Workin' hard or hardly workin'

Hi, this is Karissa hijacking yet another blog... I'm doing a style redesign for Stefanie, so things might get a little messy for awhile.

Bear with me!
It'll be B-E-A-U-tiful when I'm done :) Promise.

Until again...
blog on.

Yours in style,

**edit 1/8/05 12:33am: I gotta call it quits--I keep refreshing pages thinking I saved when, really, I didn't... must be dreaming. *sigh* I'll finish later on :)

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Textbooks for Sale

I am selling my previous used textbooks. I am willing to ship to wherever you are located at. I will pay for the shipping & handling, plus packaging. All you have to do is pay for the item. Email me what textbooks you are interested in or willing to purchase... along with your name and address where you want the product to be shipped. All information is confidential. Thank you!


Sources of the Western Tradition: From Ancient Times to the Enlightment
*5th Edition
*Author: Marvin Perry
*ISBN: 0-618-16227-5
*Page 319 and 320 highlighted, otherwise no marks. Good condition.
*$20.00 used

Western Civilization: A Brief History Volume I: To 1715
*3rd Edition
*Author: Jackson J. Spielvogel
*ISBN: 0-534-62722-6
*Page 240 and 241 highlighted, otherwise no marks. Good condition.
*$35.00 used

The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language
*Author: Steven Pinker
*ISBN: 0-06-095833-2
*Chapter 5 highlighted, otherwise no marks. Some wrinkled pages. Good condition.
*$7.00 used

Exploring Language
*10th Edition
*Author: Gary Goshgarian
*ISBN: 0-321-12221-6
*No marks. Good condition.
*$30.00 used

Women at the Well: Feminist Perspectives on Spiritual Direction
*Author: Kathleen Fischer
*ISBN: 0-8091-3018-1
*No marks. Excellent condition.
*$10.00 used


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January 5, 2005

My Prediction of 2005

Yes we are all guilty of creating New Year's Resolutions... SO AM I.

I was excited for New Year's to occur because I know I can start all over again with whatever in my life or do something that I never have done before.

I am creating a list of "things to do," or "things [hope] to do" in 2005!

(This sounds like my goals statement we have to write about each semester at Seton Hill, haha).

resolutions.gif Here's my list:

1. Buy a new computer- No more of the aggrivation of NO internet or when my paper was erased from my computer for one of my classes. It is the worse feeling in the world.

2. Lose a few pounds- Yes, I want to lose some of that extra winter fur [at least 15 lbs] by the time my boyfriend comes home from Kuwait in March. Plus, I have noticed that I am out of breath and having heart palpatations because of my "out of shape" bod.

3. Fortune teller- When I turned 18, my mom promised to take me to see a psychic. It was awesome, many things that she predicated occurred! Now that I am turning 20 years old, I am ready to go back and see the psychic about her predicition of my life over these next few months. Call me crazy, I know.

4. Organization and hard work- "Is the key to success!" I HOPE SO! I have to do better in school. I was not pleased with my grades, probabley because I overloaded myself with the classes I took, so I was not able to concentrate equally on each course. I will continue to use my nifty planner, as so do others. I need to get my butt in line and organize each course [otherwise I'll end up with papers and books scattered 3 ft. deep in my little car]. I am going to invest into a filing cabinet...the best thing ever invented. "A place for everything and everything in its place" Benjamin Franklin.

5. Join more extra-curricular activities- Last year was fun at college. Even though I am a commuter, I met so many new people, hung out at different events, dances, etc... and had the time of my life. This year [so far] was such a drag! I feel that I didn't get to meet as many people and I was almost convinced to move into a dorm on campus. I don't feel that I was much involved into any events or activities on campus either. I hope to improve that.

6. Work... And put up with it! - Oh Karissa knows my story about work this year, haha WHAT A TRIP THAT WAS! I hope to get along with my fellow employers and try to enjoy work, maybe even suggesting moving to another location for my work study job. Besides that, I want to obtain another job over the vacation [I am applying for an additional waitress job] and continue the one I have at Carbone's. It tends to slow down since people don't like to eat out during the winter season... so its time to do a lot of sucking up to gain more tips [or textbook money, I like to call it]. During the future summer, I hope to get a better job and save my money for a newer car.

7. Simply become a better person- I can use #7 on my New Year's list to sum up exactly how I want 2005 to be. I want to become a better person. In work, school, friendships, family, health, relationships, and for myself.

Lets cross our fingers and hope that at least one of these resolutions carved in stone [on my blogging website] comes true!

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