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Peaches & Theresa's Podcasts


Peaches interpretation of Emily Dickinson's "He Touched Me So I Live Now" and "I Gave Myself to Him"

The audio in this podcast was so clear and Peaches did a really good job of speaking clearly as well.  I LOVED, how "He touched me" was repeated it was so eerie so that shows how Peaches interpreted this poem to be sort of mysterious and creepy.  Peaches changed her speeds and tones and I found her reading to be so believable.  (seriously Peaches this was awesome)  She really got in depth with breaking down the lines and their meanings during the break from the poetry.  I feel that she kept up the emotion in her readings throught the second poem as well.


Theresa's interpretation of "Cassandra"

The audio was a little difficult to hear clearly but I completely understand because I had the same problem.  The calmness and mysteryiousness Theresea adds to her reading of this poem lets the listener know how she intereprets the author's message.  I like that she explains why she chose this poem to read before her interpretation.  Choosing to talk about the poem after it was completely finished was a good choice for this reading because as a listener we got the full effect of an entire read through the poem.  I had never heard that poem before so I was glad to hear the whole thing. 

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Thank You Stephanie. I really wanted to put forth emotions into the poems so I recorded numerous times in order to get the right feeling. I didn't intend for the repetition for "He touched me" to sound creepy but it worked either way. I simply wanted to expand on that point but I can also see how it gave off a more eerie feeling.

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