February 8, 2005

The Great Gatsby (1-6)

So far in this book I have found Gatsby to be very wierd. The first time Nick sees him, he just disappears all of a sudden. How and where could he go that fast? Later on Nick is invited to a party at Gatsby's mansion, but not directly by Gatsby. Gatsby sent his chauffer to Nick's house with a formal invitation for Nick to attend a party. That is very strange. If Gatsby wanted him to attend a party then why did he not just personally go and invite him. I think if he would have done it himself, it would have had more meaning and if it was me I would have reacted better if I was asked in person rather than by someone else.

At the party Nick starts talking to someone who invites him to ride his newly purchased hydroplane, Nick accepts and then learns taht he was talking to Jay Gatsby. Mr. Gatsby never introduces himself at the party which is strange. If I was at a party I would want to know who I was talking to, especially if they owned the house and was throwing the party. Nick on a later meeting with Gatsby finds out about Gatsby's past. Gatsby is the son of a wealthy family, was educated in Oxford and inherited a great deal of money. He then explains how he joined the war in hopes of getting killed. Who would join the army or war in hopes of getting killed, that is not the purpose of going to war even though it is always a possibility. When you go to war you want to do your best to protect your country and beliefs, not just get killed for the sake of being killed. Then Gatsby tells Nick that he told him all of this information because he did not want him to think that he is just a nobody, that he is actually someone who has done things.

When Gatsby, Nick and Meyer eat lunch together; Gatsby just suddenly dissappears without saying goodbye. Anyone who just leaves and says nothing to whom they were with, has some sort of problem. Gatsby likes Daisy and has for years. As a result Nick invites them both to tea so Gatsby can talk to her. He is so nervous and tired when he arrives and tries to calm his nerves by reading, something else that I find strange. I would never be able to read when I am nervous to calm down, but as we foud out it did not work. When Daisy entered the house, Gatsby disappeared, he then came back. He likes Daisy, but he cannot even talk to her at that point because he is so nervous. It takes him a while to start talking, but he eventually does. Nick also finds out by asking Gatsby what kind of buisness he is in, what he does for a living. At first Gatsby says "That's my affair," but then says he is involved in the oil buisness and the drug buisness. I wonder what kind of drug buisness he is involved in. If is is selling drugs or something of that sort then why is he so open to say it?

But Gatsby even acts really strange in front of Daisy and Nick. He almost falls down a flight of stairs, which could happen to anyone at anytime so it is really not that strange. But then he shows off his rows of suits and piles of shirts which he does by tossing them in a heap. To me that would not make Daisy want him because it owuld be very messy. Why would she really care how many suits and shirts he had? I really think his behavior here was weird and inappropriate in front of a lady. When Gatsby was born his name was James Gatz, but when he was 17 he changed his name to Jay Gatsby. While he created a new name for himself, he also created a new image as well, he said it was an image that he could remain faithful to. Why would he need to create a new image to be faithful to? Could he not be faithful to who he was before?

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