February 15, 2005

The Great Gatsby (end)

I still find this book overall confusing. I am not sure exactly why but I do not think that I am the only one. I just do not understand how they go from talking to saying something about the past. I still think that it is going on now and it is not. I still do not know exactly who or what significance Michaelis had when he was introduced unless he was introduced sooner than page 143 and I just missed it. For a while in the story when I was reading as well I thought that Daisy got together with Gatsby and married him but I reread it and found out otherwise. I am just a little bit confused.
I do not understand how Daisy could supposively love Gatsby, but when he died not even go to his funeral. Also I do not know why she did not even stop when she hit Myrtle. I think that it is absolutely terrible that someone could do that to a person and just leave them like that. I still did not get my question from last time answered. What image is Gatsby trying to remain faithful to, being a liar?

Posted by StephanieWatson at February 15, 2005 10:33 PM | TrackBack

I understand where you are coming from, and to be honest would probably be as lost as you are, however I watched the movie a while back, and as I read the book, the movie scenes kept playing through my head. Not as though the movie remained parallel to the book but it was nice to have that visual.
As far as Michaelis is concerned... i don't even remember him in the movie.. and we all know that if the character isn't important they don't make the movie (hehehe) Just kidding. However I too am a little lost on who and what role he really plays.
As far as Gatsby remaining faithful. I would suggest that he was remaining faithful to his efforts of getting Daisy back into his life. Never the less though, at times, yeah you are right he is seen as a liar in trying to attain that goal.

Posted by: Kristen Zappalla at February 16, 2005 7:36 PM

Ok I did talk on my blog about how Gatsby was a coward when the incident happened with myrtle.However, I may be able to keep a secret on a friend if was let's just say (ha ha) hitting a dog and not stopping or not trying to convince the friend to go forward with the information but, i see no strength in a man that is going to hide or let someone else hide that they hit a human being with a car and killed them. Let's not forget that by covering up for her he is an accopmplice and it was an accident UNTIL they did not stop and just kept driving as though nothing happened.

Posted by: Holly Waite at February 16, 2005 10:02 PM

How does Gatsby's funeral reinforce the actual positoin Gatsby had attained in society ?

Posted by: Madilyn at March 9, 2005 7:34 PM

Daisy and Tom and all the rich people are "careless". They do not care for anyone but themselves and their social class. Daisy is attracted to Gatsby because he has more money than Tom etc. When Daisy finds out that Gatsby gained his money through unhonest ways, she realises that he is not "old money" and if she were to leave Tom for Gatsby, her reputation would go downhill. Daisy's reputation is probably one of the most important things in her life. She will remain with her abusive, cheating husband rather then leave him for a man who loves her and would treat her properly. Likewise, Daisy does not care when she hits Myrtle because she is careless. Also, Myrtle is of lower social class and is in Daisy's eyes an unimportant person. Gatsby is trying to remain faithful to whichever image Daisy will aprove of, that being the image of a popular,weathy upperclass citizen. He lies to everyone around him so Daisy will not find the truth of his persona.

Posted by: katie at March 29, 2005 9:59 PM

Michaelis played the part of showing how Gatsby had friends in his life but none of them were true. Though Michaelis lived with Gatsby at his house for years he didn't show up to Gatsby's funeral. And when he was called to go to it all he did was ask for his Tennis Shoes back, showing how he did not care. He was a freeloader on Gatsby's wealth, he was helping to show the reader that Everyone to go to Gatsby's parties were freeloaders who did not really care for him.

Posted by: Chris at July 24, 2007 12:44 PM
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