March 01, 2005


I really do not know what to blog about poems but I am not very good at picking up on what stories, especially poems, are about so that is what I am going to do. I am going to blog on what I think each poem either means or what I think it is trying to say, some may be wrong but it is worth a shot.

In the Old Age of the Soul
I see this poem being about war. Whoever they are talking about in this poem are forgetting absolutely everthing in their life to go and fight in a war. They feel that this is the right thing to do. This is all I got out of the poem if that was even what it is.

Judith of Bethulia
This poem is about a girl looking for someone to marry. She cannot find him and with all the guys around her she finds something wrong with them. It is very strange if you ask me.

Never Again Would the Birds' Song Be the Same
In this poem I see that the voice of a woman named Eve changed the birds' song. She would sing and they got used to hearing it and liked it so they sing the way she did. They will continue to sing this way even though she is gone.

To Brooklyn Bridge
At first when reading this poem I had no clue what they were talking about. Then I looked at the title again and it kind of dawned on me. They were describing what happens and what is around a bridge, in particular the Brooklyn Bridge. I cannot believe that I did not realize this while I was reading it, it is so obvious at least now that I know what the title is.

The World Trade Center
The person who wrote this talks about how when the World Trade Center was built he along with other New Yorkers did not like it because it was too big and blocked a big view of the city. They could not see everything that they wanted to with those big buildings standing in the way. He then talks about how poorly they were built but then as if to show proof the towers were hit and fell. Anything that was built properly would have been able to withstand this terrible event from what I am reading from the poem. He then talks about how it is pleasant to look through the city now, because the towers are no longer there to block his view. He can finally look at the city in the way he has wanted to in a long time.

This poem is a girl talking about being a Jew because her father was a Jew. To me it seems as if she does not like it or appreciate it. I am uncertain though based on this poem if she killed her dad or not. It is worded kind of funny and I cannot make that decision based on what I am reading and taking out of this poem. I mean look at the line "Daddy, I have had to kill you. You died before I had time--" To me it kind of sounds like she wanted to kill him but did not get to because something else did first. I really think that the first part of the quote I put in here is wierd, I do not really understand what it means.

I have absolutely no clue what this poem is saying. I do not understand a word of it and can pick nothing out of it. I just think that it is weird and possibly demented.

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Stephanie, how did you feel when you learned that Hart Crane was talking about a bridge? Does that seem like a likely topic for a poem? A glance at the title of "To Brooklyn Bridge" was all you needed to make sense of that poem...

I suggest that you take a look at what your peers have written about these poems, and then take a look at the poems again.

Your post on The World Trade Center shows that you understood the poem in terms of what is happening during the poem, but poetry is not primarially story-based. That is, talking about the "plot" of a poem doesn't really get you into the emotional significance of the issues the poet is raising.

Take a look at Scott Clark's response, which goes far beyond summarizing the contents of the poem.

Tiffany Brattina had a strong emotional reaction to "Daddy"

Robert Frost is usually much easier to comprehend than Sylvia Plath. Gina Burgese did an excellent, in-depth reading of Robert Frost.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at March 2, 2005 09:54 AM

For wat you said about the poem daddy is really not true...When they are talking abouta jew and that stuff they are using metaphors to discribe how her father treated he...She is the jew and he is hitler...And the quote you put in there is saying that she wanted to kill her father but her father forsook her with his death.

Posted by: Megan at January 3, 2006 11:03 PM
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