March 03, 2005

My Wonderful Cover Entry

This whole blogging thing is still a bit much for me, but I have kept up. Of course I am not an English major and I am not very good at picking up things out of stories or poems as you can by now all tell I am sure. I feel so out of place in this class for this reason and also because I am a freshman. I am killing myself with two English courses this semester and I do have to admit this class is hard.

In this section I am including works like A Jury of Her Peers, The Adding Machine, and The Great Gatsby which I feel I did a very good job on. I understood these stories more than the other ones we read even though I still did not fully understand them.

I have one blog to put in this section because when I seen the first paragraph I had to see what it meant. This blog is the Love Song, which I did not see as a love song but after class see it more now, I looked at Tiffany's blog to see what it meant (I could not find a link to her exact blog entry, confused, sorry). After I read her blog I then went and read the rest of the story.

One big thing I did was disagree slightly with one of Holly's opinion's in The Great Gatsby and when I did that she commented back to me to defend her reasoning (this could also fall under Xenoblogging). Also on my blog of The Adding Machine I had comments and questions, this brought up discussion in class and then I understood the answers a little bit better.

The main blog that I did that sparked my further intellectual examination of the literary subject (which I have yet to do) is on the Poems. I know that I am not very good at understanding literature and when Jerz told me I should look at the other's blogs and go back I got curious. I looked at the other's blogs but I still have to reread them myself and see if I get more out of them.

All of my blogs have been early but I do not seem to get very many comments. At first though I do have to say with the blogs on The Great Gatsby and The Adding Machine got the most comments.

As I already mentioned earlier (in Interaction) Holly's blog on The Great Gatsby got a good discussion going on between us and I commented on her blog. Another blog that I would include in this section is The Adding Machine because it sparked questions and we talked in class.

The one blog entry that I would include in this section would be The Great Gatsby. This is because I have a good bit of information on it and a good conversation going.

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