March 15, 2005

A Streetcar Named Desire

Something is seriously wrong with the men in this story. I mean they go off and do things on their own and leave the wives to amuse themselves. And then when Stanely gets drunk during poker night and smacks Stella, who is pregnant, I think he went way too far. Also Stella is not all with it either because she does not leave Stanely or even let him cool off before going right back to him. I think that she is asking for trouble and that makes no sense to me. I think also the way Stanely treats Stella's sister is horrible. He just assumes things and basically is calling her a liar and seems to not care at all that he is doing it. I think the people in this play have some serious issues that they need to work out and they need to think about what they are doing to each other and how they treat each other. Why did Stella's sister start flirting on Stanely when she knows that he is married to Stella?

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I think that Stella stayed with Stanley because back in these times the ultimate goal was to simply stand by your man. I believe that had other fights between the couple been brought up that they would have gave a glimpse of Stanley putting Stella down and convincing her that she could do no better than him.

Posted by: Holly at March 16, 2005 10:23 PM
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