Remember my blog post where I said I loved HTML? Yes well, it has now dissolved into a love/hate relationship. I love how methodical it is, I love how it all just comes together...however this only happens when you do everything correctly, and seeing as how I am human, I am far from perfect so there were many times of frustration to be had. Luckily, I heard from my fellow classmate, DJ about iWeb, which is an amazing application on mac that supplies templates and makes the creation of a website fun and easy! Did anyone else's views on HTML change throughout the development of their web portfolio? 

Oh! Here is a link to said website! 


I still love HTML. It is not quite as fun as iWeb, but I still found the creation of my website to be very rewarding. It was difficult, for sure, and I was worried about personalizing the site to my liking, but I think I learned valuable skills. iWeb is fun and pretty for sure, and I get a little jealous when I see the sites people have posted, but I am satisfied with my site!

Not bad for HTML :)

I still don't like it. I was so close to being done with my website when the HTML thought it would be awesome to constantly re-format my titles even though I would fix it and save it many, many times. I am still bitter about it. But it's still satisfying to have a completed webpage.

I still love HTML and iWeb does look pretty awesome. I still have a lot more to learn about HTML and CSS but it's something that I always wanted to do.

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