I really like using HTML, there is just something to the methodology of the formulas. It's soothing, as I do the assignments I just sink into the routine. "Ok if I add <p> I know I have to finish with </p>." I've seen HTML before, back in the good old days when MySpace was still cool, I went to a website with some catchy gimmick of a domain like "" I would then have to find the layout I liked then copy and paste the code onto my myspace page. There were even times where I would have to replace the generic <title> with one of my own. 
But I've never gone so in depth with HTML. The book really helped also because it not only tells you what to do, but why you're doing it - which satisfies the eternal two year old in me that shall eternally ask this question. What do you guys think of the HTML? Like it? Hate it? 


I know what you mean! I think those of us English majors out there sometimes get a little tired of thinking. I loved that I got to take a math class this semester because it seemed so mindless to me. There was always a straight answer, just like with html. Sometimes our analyzing and creative thinking brains need a rest!

I love html, I just hate some of the books that try to teach you. Like you already said, the book we're using for class is extremely helpful.

I like the freedom html gives you whenever you're making your own little corner on the internet.

I love HTML! I like to troubleshoot and find mistakes. I think it is really fun partially because of the methodology and partly because you can create so much completely with words and symbols.

I wanted to try to mess with the template as well but I don't know if I'll get that far for Step 1. Maybe...

I'm going to be the weird one who doesn't like HTML. Yes, I feel proud of myself when I can make a bunch of gibberish into something visual and real.

But when the codes don't work is a different story. It just frustrates me, especially when there is no reason for it not to work (which is a problem I am having now). And after I've stared at HTML so long that it starts to all blur together, I just want to quit and eat cupcake or something.

I think what it comes down to is that it's too detailed; I'm more of a big picture person. But someone has got to like it!

I know how you feel kaitlin! it is so difficult to concentrate on such minute detail that can be messed up so easily. My entire style sheet would not link for the simple reason that I had forgot an equals sign in a very important line. This is very difficult and I am not very fond of it either.

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