The Return of the Bane of my Existence

The USB that I had thought that I lost in a small town just south of the New York border called Bradford, Pa was found this week in the pocket of my petty coat. I was quite ecstatic as it had all my previous work as a writer and student saved on it and for the past year I had thought it lost for good. Though this seems to be a wondrous occurrence, it was also the second time I had lost the stupid thing - I'm just not good at keeping track of small objects. So I can't help but wonder, when and where am I going to lose it next? This also brings up another question, how do I save all of my work? I know you should always back files up in separate places, yet USB's can be lost and computers can crash. So here is my question fellow writers: What do you guys do to make sure you don't lose works that you wish to work on/ publish at a later date? Do you print out hard copies? Keep a journal locked away on some deserted island? Keep it in some Swiss bank safe under lock and key (and possible motion censored lasers and fat security guards)? Do you have backup? A backup for your backup?


I remember reading about this on Facebook. Besides a Flashdrive, I also have an external hard drive. I decided to get one after the family computer crashed and the only way to fix it was to completely wipe it. I don't think you'll need a very large one (mine's a few 100 GB) so you should be able to buy one for cheap.

I don’t trust technology to keep my words. About twice per year I print out everything I did since the last printing and put it in a binder. It’s interesting to flip through the binder(s) and see progression of craft and personal change (of lack of) over the years. Also, if you’re struggling for an idea, or need a piece for an assignment, it’s like a private book you can flip through and plagiarize from.

This being said, I constantly worry about my house burning down.

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