And the crowd goes wild! JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!!!

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Next on Jerry Springer, Shakespeare Characters, love triangles, and deception, OH MY!

Wow, I really don't even know what to say. Talk about drama!  Is there anyone that Falstaff doesn't want to hook up with?  I guess he can be considered the modern day gold digger!  Then we have Quickley promising marriage proposals to a handful of men, and good ol' Caius trying to fight Evans!  Let's line up the chairs and let Jerry handle this one, because I'm so not getting in the middle of that one.

Ok but on a serious note...

Shallow: Knight, you have beaten my men, killed my deer, and broke open my lodge.

Falstaff: But not kissed your keeper's daughter?

(haha, this part made me laugh)

So we have Shallow, this outspoken, misauthorized law figure of a man, in a argument with Falstaff, who is a drunken, a theif,and a pretty shallow, heartless man.  But enough of the characterization.  This excerpt shows the comedic side to Shakespeare's play.  We have Shallow who is trying to be serious in his accusations against Falstaff, and then in mockery, Falstaff pokes that he forgot to mention kissing the daughter of his keeper! GAH! The drama! What a bold move on Falstaff's part. His sarcastic remarks are kind of a foreshadowing for his devious behavior.



Angelica Guzzo said:

You have to love the drama. I think this is going to be quirky and fun. I also love your title lol.

Erica Gearhart said:

Your explanation of the play so far is great. It sums up everything that has happened in a really fun way. I love the reference to Jerry Springer!

Katie Vann said:

Your comments definately made me laugh. I didn't understand every single line of the act, but I was able to figure out enough to understand what was going on. Your blog even cleared things up for me a little more. Suggesting that Jerring Springer gets involved sounds like a good idea, or at least a funny one :)

Angela Palumbo said:

I love this entry. I also like how you put your title on the course website instead of the quote. Once I read that, I knew I had to read it. Jerry Springer would work well in this situation. When I read this I thought that it was funny that Falstaff wanted sugar mommas.

Kaitlin Monier said:

Ha, I like how you related this to Jerry Springer, because it defiantly seems like something that could be on the show. I think this is going to be a very interesting story with all of the deceiving and love affairs and what not.

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