Answered Prayers lead to more than just a fat, 'deaf' woman

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"Confound it! When a man is as awkward as all that he should remain at home and not come killing people in the streets, if he doesn't know how to handle a horse (The Costly Ride, Guy de Maupassant)."

I would first off like to say that after reading this I was very angry.  That old woman should have been thrown out in the streets if you ask me.  Gah, sorry for the ranting vents.  For those of you that didn't read the story, let me give you a very brief, exhiliarted summary of what happened.

A man named Hector was in a similiar situation to those in the Great Depression.  Jobs were scarce, and he had little money.  After working over time, he was excited to be handed a little extra money for his work.  Thus speaking, him and his wife decided to spend it on a night on the town persay.  Renting a horse, and a carriage for the rest of the family, they went about their day.  On their way back, Hector lost control of the hourse and ran over a seemingly deaf woman who was rather slowly crossing the road. Hector was verbally abused by those who viewed the accident, and the doctors stated that there was no external injuries, but possibly some internal ones.  They needed to keep her in a home for observation, and Hector grasiously agreed to pay for it.  To make a long ending short, the doctors found nothing wrong with her, but the woman kept saying she was hurt, couldn't move, blah blah blah.  Point of the story: Hector got a fast one pulled on him.

Ok. The woman is a selfish bitch to put it nicely. First off, everyone or almost everyone was probably in the same situation as Hector.  Money wise that was.  But even with that said, I would not sacrifice my body to getting run over by a horse!!! Are you serious?  This woman wasn't deaf, she was nuts!  In my eyes, she saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of someone, and surley did not let it pass.  I mean think about it.  The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her, and yet she couldnt move, and was so sickly. Wow, for being that sick, she was still able to eat her weight in food, and talk happily to the other patients.  She ripped Hector off.  She saw this as a way to be sheltered, feed, and warm at the cost of someone elses expense.  If I was Hector, I would have kicked her out of that shelter a long time ago.  People that take advantage of other's kindness are worth helping.  It's the thought behind the action that counts.  Not the action in its self.

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