Can a dishonest man make a honest woman out of an already dishonest one? Pshhh.. Spare me.

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I wish Lady Macbeth was in this play.  She wouldn't be all gitty and "oh lets lead him on."  She'd just call him out and kill him.   That's my girl, haha.  Anyways...

Falstaff- Have I caught thee, my heavenly jewel?  Why now let me die, for I haved lived long enought.  This is the period of my ambition.  O this blessed hour!

Mrs. Ford- O sweet Sir John!

Falstaff- Mistress For, I cannot cog.  I cannot prate, Mistress Ford.  Now shall I sin in my wish: I would thy husband were dead.  I'll speak it before the best lord; I would make thee my lady.

Personally, I wanna know how Mrs. Ford is not either laughing her ass off or gagging right now.  So here if Falstaff, lost in the moment of seduction, and awaiting his much anticipated rendevous.  I mean, 'O this blessed hour!'  Are we serious?  Please, I hope no woman would fall for that line.  Thank God she is just leading him.  But the part that I found ironic enought was that Falstaff states that he wishes her husband dead so he could marry her and release his undying love to her.  How can a dishonest man, make an honest woman out of a more dishonest woman? Part of me actually wonders if this is going to lead to her husbands demise, or even Falstaff's death for that matter.  Shakespeare always has a way of foreshawdowing a characters death, and who knows, this may be it! 

Oh the drama.

It never ends.



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