Here's a mouthful for a little story.

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So there were several things that I found interesting in this passage, and rather than rake my brain by trying to figure out which one I like best, I decided to just go with them all.

"She began to whistle and blow like a musical skeleton (O'Connor 27)."

-I found this the most WONDERFUL example of showing, that I underlined it and highlighted it.  I thought that in a way it was almost poetic. What an interesting way to show that she was sleeping/snoring. I thought that it portrayed such a better visual rather than just saying "She feel asleep and began to snore loudly." A good example of telling rather than showing can be found on page 33 in the second paragraph as the describe the preacher.

"He had found out already this morning that he had been made by a carpenter named Jesus Christ.  Before he had though it had been a doctor named Sladewall, a fat man with a yellow mustache who gave him shots and thought his name was Herbert, but this must have been a joke (O'Connor 31)."

-I really liked this paragraph because of its different examples of theories on creation.  I never even looked at it as Harry's ignorance to religion until I read Kayley's blog which I'm going to direct you to now... click!

"Then he left the apartment and caught the car at the corner. He hadn't taken a suitcase because there was nothing from there he wanted to keep (O'Connor)."

I really wanted to add this in here because I think that this is a great example of personal growth.  In fact, growth could even be considered one of the motifs in this story.  It's interesting to see how such a young boy is almost forced to grow up so quickly.  It really makes you think.



Hey love - sorry this has nothing to do with your post but you were asking for it...

Thats all the info for the play - I think I'm going Saturday night and I'll probably just get a student rush ticket so let me know if you'll be back on campus then - if not and you dont want to go alone, I can go with you another time too.

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