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Hey! For those of you that don't know me, my name is Stephanie Wytovich and I'm a freshmen at Seton Hill University.  I would like to take a minute or so to introduce myself, so you can get a feel for what to expect.  I'm a double major in English literature and Art History.  I honeslty love both subjects and I'm still on the journey towards figuring out how I would like to incorporate them both into my life.  In the mean time, I'm focusing on Horror and Suspense Fiction, and interning at a museum.  When the opportunity arises to take the best of both worlds, seize it! I pretty much write what I feel without holding back.  I like to try to spark discussion, so if my thoughts seem a little out there and random, that's why. Normalcy is overrated.  Be different and go against the grain!

In my Intro. to Literary Study (EL150) course with Dr. Jerz, he opened the blogosphere world to us.  As a requirement for the course, we are to write entries about our readings and post them on our website to exemplify our understanding, depth, interaction, etc. with each piece we have in class. It's amazing how catchy it gets after at while. I know that I personally looked at it as a chore at first, but found out rather quickly that I was getting addicted.  It's a great experience to speak your mind and have your voice heard! Pretty soon, I found myself going on my blog just to write and express myself.  Who knows, if you words are helpful to you, they may be inspiring to others as well!

Coverage Entries:  These entries include links to our class's homepage, so you can get an idea what the assinment was, and even check it out yourself if the mood strikes you!  In some entries, I have also included links to other websites for research and clarification purposes.

Timeliness: These entries were all posted 24 hours before class and they are on a variety of subjects! From brings a story to life, to getting Emily Dickinson a cookie before she cracks, they are pretty out there! If you're feeling dangerous, give them a go!

Interaction: The entries that are listed below are ones that were so controversial, that I couldn't get people to stop debating on them! haha, no but seriously, these ones exhumed some pretty good topics!

  • The rhythm of melancholy eyes:  This topic sparked a lot of good discussion in our class. I have included a link to Angela's blog because we shared similiar thoughts on the topic at hand.
  • It was a dark and stormy night : In this entry, I took an excerpt of Edgar Allen Poe's writing, and explained how crucial it is to use geography and setting to build up a scene.  I even included a taste of my own writing at the bottom to give an example of how it can be done!
  • The protagonist really never had a chance: This one was really fun to write, because I knew while I was writing it that I wanted to spark some discussion.  In order to do this, I portrayed the protagonist in the same light as the antagonist.  I mean if the poor main character is doomed to failure, then he's sucked into the life of the bad guy as well... right? I don't know! You tell me!
  • Dear English Fans:  This isn't something for class, but it is something that I wanted to announce to everyone!  Seton Hill has just started an English Club!  So for all you fun loving poetry and prose lovers, check this site out and let me know if you have any questions!
  • Is that a symbol? Well Duh! :  This is a more personal entry about how literature means something different to everyone that reads it.  Although some might think that there is a giant book of correct answers that teachers use to mark our papers, I think that by reading this, it might clear the air... not to mention the reputation of our poor English teachers!
  • And the crowd goes wile! JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!!! : I'm not even going to say anything.  If the title itself doesn't spark some curiousity, then I've lost you as a reader!

Depth:  The entries are some of my more thought provoking ones.  I really found a deep connection with the topics at hand, and I wanted to share my opinions in a deeper context rather than just writing my initial reaciton.  For anyone that is reading this, I really do appreciate your opinions!  Let me know if you had a similiar opinion, or a completely different one for that matter!

  • Trifles. Everyone has them, but is murder the answer? : For those of you that haven't read Trifles, I highly recommend it!  I included a link to the site within my entry, as well as my thoughts and concerns about the murder suspect.  Was it the wife, or was it the neighbors?  Was this a justified killing? 
  • Today here, tomorrow not:  This entry is about a Holocaust literature lecture I attended with guest speaker Dr. Alan Rosen.  It was really an eye opener for me because it gave me a completely different perspective on this genre of literature.  
  • A word is never just a word.  A sentence is never just a sentence.
  • Death is only the beginning: This entry includes my take of one of Emily Dickinson's poems. After analyzing it, it really turned my inital opinion of her around.  Sometimes the more you know about a person, the better you are to understand their work.
  • Oh, the taste of victory! :  This is yet again, another analysis of one of Dickinson's poems.  Rather than just pick an excerpt on this one, I went through the poem itself and analyzed what I thought it meant to me.
  • Stuck in the middle with no where to go: I really put a lot of thought and analysis into this one.  I even referenced mythology to support my opinion. If your interested in the mystery of mermaids and the devious plannings of death, then this entry is for you!

Discussion Entries: The following links are links to my classmate's blogs entries that I have commented on.  They have some really interesting and thought provoking commentary!   Whether it's from Angela's entry on Shakespeare being a little bit too honest with his words, to Chelsea's entry on combining literary techniques, I tried to bring there commentary into my own ideas.  I must say though, I agree with what these girls are dishing out! 


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