The Rhythm of Melancholy Eyes

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"No matter how beautiful or brilliant a girl may be, the reputation of not being frequently cut in on makes her position at a dance unfortunate.”

This quote sounded so sad to me.  Speaking from a girl's point of view, there is nothing like watching other people dancing while your sitting in the corner.  It's a compliment to be asked to dance, and an even greater one if you're already dancing.  I mean how many movies have we watched were we fall in love with the wallflower protagonist, only to see her get hurt in the end.  Everyone needs a self esteem boost once in a while.  Even though something like this could/would be depressing to a girl, I don't think that she should have changed to suit others. 

Conformity is what's wrong with our world today. People are trying so hard to be something that they are not, and because of that, are losing their individuality. Take advertising for example.  How many times have we seen the overly thin model, wearing close to no clothing?  How many things have we been coaxed into buying because it's what society deems cool and fashionable. Fads are going to happen.  That's a fact.  But do we have to give into what other's think, say, and do just because its right?  Where would our diversity come from then? 

Angela makes a really good comment on conformity... clickhere to read more.



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