The truth about vampires: its all about sex.

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"I think we'd be reasonable to conclude that the whole Count Dracula saga has an agenda to it beyond merely scaring us out of our wits, although scaring readers out of their wits is a noble enterprise and one that Stoker's novel accomplishes very nicely.  In fact, we might conclude it has something to do with sex (Foster 16)."

As we all know from class Friday, I'm a huge horror fiction fan.  Naturally, when I saw the third chapter's title (Nice to Eat You: Acts of Vampires) I knew my quote was coming from there! I thought that it was interesting because it identified vampires for who they really were, sex gods.  In any movie, novel, short story, etc. that I have read or watched, it always begins with the mysterious count leading the innocent girl into his lair to have his way with her.  It's always the same plot, because that's the normalcy of vampires.  What I never realized was that a vampire could be used as a metaphor in other stories.  If you think about it, whenever a man takes advantage of a woman, technically, you could draw the line of comparison to himself and a vampire.  Vampires don't necesarily mean fiction.  Sometimes they come to life.




Jeanine O'Neal said:

Angela also chose a quote about vampires for her blog entry. She talked about how vampires are deceptive and use people to fulfil their own desires. I also commented to her that besides using people sexually, vampires use people for their life force (or energy). They suck the energy from other people in order for them to sustain life. You can see what I posted on her blog if you wish.

Jessie Farine said:

Women can be vampires too, you know. That's just as suckful.

It was enlightening to read that section of the chapter to see that vampires, along with other creatures, can be more than just creatures - they can be metaphors.

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