Trifles: Everyone has them, but is murder the answer?

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"Then why can't I see him?" I asked her, out of patience. "'Cause he's dead," says she. "Dead?" says I. She just nodded her head, not getting a bit excited, but rockin' back and forth. "Why--where is he?" says I, not knowing what to say. She just pointed upstairs--like that (himself pointing to the room above). I got up, with the idea of going up there. I talked from there to here--then I says, "Why, what did he die of?" "He died of a rope around his neck," says she, and just went on pleatin' at her apron. Well, I went out and called Harry. I thought I might--need help. We went upstairs, and there he was lying'-- "

Talk about a suspect to murder!  Crazy old woman sitting there pleating her apron, easily talking about her husband's death?  Yay thats not suspious at all???  If you ask me, she has guilty written all over her face, and probably her apron.  It reminds me of Psycho.  Murder can always be traced back.


added 2/6/08

In class today, we had some pretty interesting conversations about this piece.  Even though we don't technically know if the wife killed her husband, (even though it seems pretty obvious) was she justified in doing so?  Personally, I think she was.  I'm not saying that people should go around killing each other if they don't like the way something is, but in her case, I think her choice was justifiable.  Supposedly, her husband was mean to her, outlandish in his behavior, and very committed to his job.  Chelsea pointed out that at that time it wasn't looked well upon by society if one left their husband, so in my opinion, that probably added to her decision.  It's kind of like The Scarlet Letter.  When they found out that she had gone against society's viewpoints, they shunned her.  Julianna then mentioned that when, and if, he killed her bird, that he was in essence killing her spirit.  Very good insight.  The woman was most likely lonely, seeing that her husband was married to his job, and therefore her bird was her window to sanity.  People do have their breaking points.  Maybe that was the last straw?



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