I can actually understand where Rudy is coming from.

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"Noooo," she said and leaned her round red face between the two nearest poles.  She looked down into the stairwell and gave a long hollow wail that widened and echoed as it went down. The stair cavern was dark green and mole-colored and the wail sounded at the very bottom like a voice answering her.  She gasped and shut her eyes. No. No. It couldn't be any baby.  She was not going to have something waiting in her to maker her deader, she was not (O'Connor 78)."

Surprisingly, I can actually understand where Rudy is coming from.  She was surrounded by death her entire childhood, and honestly it effected her, as it would anyone. If you put yourself in her position as a child, you would have the idea instilled your head, that if you had children, the same thing could/would happen to you.  Obviously, even in her adult years, she is still terrified of the idea of having a child. I don't think that she is being pessimistic in the sense of oh, I don't want to be a mother and have to give up my time for a child though.I think she is breaking down because she is scared, and that isn't anything to be ashamed of.  Knowing that her mother had to deal with the death of her children and the effect it had on her,  instilled that image in her head.  She dosen't want to have to go through that same pain.  True that Rudy comes off a little pessimistic and *rough on the edges,* but deep down, I think she is just scared. I know that my mom had a very difficult pregnacy with both my brother and me and I won't lie that it scares me because my mom and I are so alike.  It's a scary thought to think that I could go through the same experience.

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Reflection on Angela's Entry

I liked Angela’s entry because I think that she made a very good point, and a clever one at that. I certainly didn’t catch that when I was reading it, so I’m glad that she did. I think that when Rudy looks in the mirror and compares herself to her mother, there is definitely a good chance that she is portrayed as she seems. Stress can kill a person. If your entire life is surrounded by death, stress, and sadness, then naturally it is going to take a tool on you at some point. Especially now that she is pregnant, I think that if the story continued, that we would see more of those traits.




Maddie Gillespie said:

You make a very insightful point in this blog. I can easily see how Ruby's view of her mother's life would greatly affect her. There's no way that anyone growing up in such an environment would remain unchanged by the events and people around them. It is scary when you think about how similar some daughters are to their mothers. Ruby doesn't want to see her own children die because she somehow knows that she, herself would die a little inside. Her fear and denial are her means of self-preservation. I completely agree with your point!

I actually do feel very sorry for Ruby. Her past is affecting her present. Had she grown up in a different environment, she may have wanted children. I do not think she is being selfish, I just think that she had a traumatic experience as a child and it is affecting her now as adult.

Great analysis, Stephanie.

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