Life is a game.

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"Nothing is perfect.  This is one of Mrs. Hopewell's favorite sayings.  Another was: that is life! And still another, the most important, was: well other people have their opinions too (O'connor 169)."

I liked this excerpt because I thought that it was very easy to relate too.  I mean how often in life are we thinking 'woe is me' and 'could things honestly get any worse' (to which it usually rains, haha).  I think O'Connor is simply telling us that yes nothing is perfect, but hey that's life! Life is full of imprefections, and mistakes, but that is what makes it interesting.  If we never had trouble with someone, how would we learn new things? Stuff happens to everyone, but life still goes on.  Life is a game.  You win some, you lose some. The key is to never quit playing.

I looked on the internet for some more information on the story, and Patricia Jones has a wonderful analysis of the dual role of names and charactizaiton within the story. It's only two pages long so if you have the time, def. read it :)

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Edited on 3/14/08

In class today we continued out discussion on Flannery O'Connors Good Country People.  My classmates had a lot of great takes on the story, but one in particular stuck out in my mind.  The usage of foils and irony (my favoirte)! I really liked how Maddie brought up the point that the Bible Salesmen was basically a walking contradiction.  Although he appeared intelligent when he was doing his job, when is was alone, he was simple in his dialect and mannerisms.  Someone else even brought up the notion of his hollow bible! I totally missed that one! How's that for a direct symbol for sinning!

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Hahaha, I liked: "I mean how often in life are we thinking 'woe is me' and 'could things honestly get any worse' (to which it usually rains, haha)." I think Mrs. Hopewell sounds like one of those people who likes to shout out overdone cliche sayings to try and make them sound more intelligent. They figure, well, if I at least shout out the words of some intelligent figure, perhaps I will sound intelligent myself.
Great analysis, Stephanie!

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