Sometimes I think the author is writing to me!

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"If you are a capable writer and effective communicator, you could, not doubt, walk into any organization-regardless of whether they sell lug nuts or corn nuts- and write their memos, develop their newsletters, manage their Web site content, or craft their marketing materials. You may even be recompensed handsomely for it.  And if the content of what you're writing about dosen't exactly feed your soul or even float your boat, chances are you could fake it and still turn out good work (Lemire 166)."

I love this quote! I don't know how many times that I've hated writing something and still managed to make it sound good.  But what Lemire is saying is true.  Writers, and English majors in general, have their communication and literary skills working for them. They are adaptable, resourceful and personable (most of the time). 

Ex:  At my current art internship, they were looking for someone to write proposals and articles on the exhibitions. I applied, and have an interview on friday! So thanks to my journalism portfolio, I'm adapting to the situationa and starting my freelance career in the field of my choice.



Greta Carroll said:

Wow, congratulations Stephanie, good luck, I hope you get it! And you make a good point, there is an art to writing about things you don’t want to or don’t know about, and making it seem like you do. Besides even if one doesn’t know something about a particularly area, one can always learn. We shouldn’t let ourselves get pigeon-holed into our majors, as Lemire is trying to impress upon us. And you are a good example of someone how has taken hold of the reins.

Angela Palumbo said:

I second that Greta! Good luck Steph! I know you'll do great! And yes, sometimes things that you don't want to wrie turn out good. You don't have to like what you're writing about, putting effort into it to try to make it the best it can be is sometimes enough. Undoubtably though, things, papers, projects, etc, turn out better if they are near and dear to your heart. This is why I want to find something that has something to do with animals for my Capstone project. An internship somewhere that takes care of big cats or birds or whatever would be great. Maybe volunteering at the local animal shelter (I probably would not be good at that however, because I'd want to take everything home!).

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