Um, I don't know about you...but I barely have time to sleep

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“They give you your undergraduate degree because you complete the requirements; they give you the graduate degree because you earn it...the campus life to which you became accustomed in college (naked beer slides, panty raids, destruction of property) doesn’t exist on the postgraduate level” (Lemire 45).

Wow not exactly sure what to even say to this one.  I'm a little taken back to be honest.  It's like he just took his book and slapped me across the face.  Lets have a small recap on my life real quick to put things into perspective:

  • I am currently taking 18 credits here at SHU
  • In addition, I'm also doing an internship that demands 12 hours per week out of my, plus homework on the side or it.
  • I have a work study job
  • I have 2 jobs waiting for me at home
  • I'm starting a free lance journalism career as we speak
  • I am secretary of the English club
  • I write for our school's newspaper
  • I submit to our school's magazine on a regular basis
  • I am a member of S.T.A.N.D.

Needsless to say, there are a few choice words that I would like to say to Mr. Lemire at this moment.  I barely have time to sleep, and he claims that we're all out getting wasted and sexed up?  Whew..... if I wasn't afarid of what would become of my grade, I would tell you exactly what I think of this quote, but for the time being, I'll let you use your imagination.

What a sterotype! I mean I understand that you have less of that when you go to graduate school.  I understand that you are at a higher level of education that demands a lot more out of you, and I even understand that you might feel more pressure.... but WHAT THE HECK! Bad form Mr. Lemire....bad bad bad form



When he wrote this chapter, Lemire probably wasn't thinking of an active, committed, entrepreneurial student like you. He's just as dismissive of the academic profession, so I'm not entirely happy with what he has to say about that chapter, but we don't have to agree with everything we read. Why don't you e-mail the author and politely invite him to read what some of your classmates have to say? Why don't you write a book review or an editorial for The Setonian? Go ahead and use this energy in a creative way. (You've already gotten another great blog entry out of it!)

Erica Gearhart said:

Stephanie, I am in the same boat as you. Work Study job, 19 credits, school activities, and definitely no sleep. I absolutely hate when people make biased generalizations like this. I have recently been helping a few of my friends, who happen to be almost as busy and studious as me, find an apartment. When we called one place, the owner asked how many people there would be. When he was told three women, he immediately asked if we were collage students, and after told yes, he went on to say that there were a lot of older residents in the building and they didn't want loud and wild people living near them. After we assured him that we the three moving in were school-oriented and not really all that loud, he told us more about the apartment, but it my friends were so angered by the assumption that they probably will not choose this apartment. I thought the same thing that you did when I read this section of Lemire. Thanks for a valid defense for all of us (and there are more than Lemire thinks) who are devoted to getting the most out of our undergraduate education.

Greta Carroll said:

Stephanie, I chose the exact same quote you did, and feel the same way you do about it. You can read what I wrote in my blog, if you're interested:
But he made me mad too, I have a ton of homework and classes, and on top of that my outside activities. I never go to bed before 2 on a school night. And believe me, I am not goofing off, I am working pretty much the whole time. Mr.Lemire has apparently never met any high-achieving, dedicated students. Or if he did, he brushed them aside, and didn't realize how very hard they work. If he thinks we are just having fun and playing games all the time, he should come see what we are doing for a day.

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