Ender's Game vs. Stay Alive

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Personally, my money is on the dead woman with shears, but I digress.

"Sometimes they were funny things.  Sometimes exciting ones, and he had to be quick to stay alive.  He had lots of deaths, but that was OK, games were like that, you died a lot until you got the hang of it (Card, 62)."

Ender's game can be comparied to Stay Alive. Ender played his game at his study desk in his room, trying to outsmart the entities of those inside it.  He battled lanscapes and giants, and was forced to pick his poision, literally.  Unfortunatley, he always picked wrong and always died a gruesome death.  One time, when the giant told him to pick his poison, he kicked it over, and attacked the giant by digging out his eyes. Live or die. You or them. Who are you going to pick?

In Stay Alive, there are certain similiarities to Ender's game.If you play, you die.  For instance: science fiction turned to realism, the theme of death and the ability to conquer. Stay Alive is based off of a video game to which one battles the depths of hell.  Each character is equipped with a weapon of choice as they aim to kill the evil bitch, I mean witch, and her demonic dead zombie children.  The only catch is if you die in the game, you die in real life. For example, if you die in a torture room stabbed in the throat with sheers, be prepared to die when you find that your bedroom has been turned into a midevil torture room.  There are similiarites in the game but the extreme is obviously the difference.

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