Humor and Sarcasm and Emotion...OH MY!!!! BRING ON PORTFOLIO TWO!

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Well folks, once again it's time to see my collection of entries over the past 2 months or so. For those of you that are not familiar with the blogosphere world, you can reference my previous portfolio for a more in depth evaluation on the system. 

After my first portfolio, I have really opened up to the idea of blogging and I have found that I'm doing it more frequently even when I'm not being assigned to.Seton Hill University has really opened my eyes to the opportunities that are available to writers, as has Dr. Jerz's Intro. to Literary Study course. I really like the idea of knowing that whatever I write can be read by anyone and I welcome comments, even if they are bad because I write to elicit an emotion, and anger is def. an emotion.  So get comfortable, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for take off ladies and gentlemen!

Coverage: These entries include links to our class's homepage, so you can get an idea what the assinment was, and even check it out yourself if the mood strikes you!  In some entries, I have also included links to other websites for research and clarification purposes.

Poor Odeipus...If only you would have listened to the blind genius: Oh Odeipus, how I love thee.  This is a rather interesting piece about the use of dramatic irony, and personally, I don't think there is any better use of it than in this play. 

Sometimes I think the author is writing to me!: This is a very relatable entry because it deals with how writers can hate what they are writing about, but still make it sound good. Be honest with yourself...we have ALL been there.

Life is a game

Aren't we all 'Displaced Persons' in our own way: This is one of my favorite entries, because it is a response to Flannery O'Connor's short story The Displaced Person.  I talk a lot about how we can relate it to society today, and our situation with Darfur and Africa.  If Darfur doesn't ring a bell for you, I strongly urge you to visit this site and learn about the genocide that has been going on there since 2003.  I have linked a site to the STAND website, and want to reiderate that one person can make a difference.  Please help those that are reaching out to you.

I will not admit that I'm starting to like this book...nope, won't do it

So I'm comma happy, whatcha goin' do bout' it 

Hyphens: The English God's gift to the world

Timeliness: These entries were all posted 24 hours before class and they are on a variety of subjects! If you're feeling dangerous, give them a go!


English Club: Silent Voices Heard- A Genocide Reading: This is a summary of an event that SHU's English club held in collaboration with STAND.  I think that it opened a lot of peoples eyes to Holocaust/Genocide literature and also to the genocides that are still going on today.

"My brain seems to go sideways," Michael Sims: I highly encourage anyone who does not know Michael Sims to read this entry because he truly is a wonderful writer and scholar.  He came to our intro. to lit class and spoke to us about English careers and writing and I speak a lot about what I got out of his lecture.


So many unanswered questions:This entry is in response to SHU Undergraduate Humanities Conference. This was an opportunity for students to present their scholarly work in front of faculty, students, family, and friends.  I talk about my presentation, which is on the conspiracy theories of the JFK assassination.  I have included a LOT of links to research that I have used, so if this is something that interests you, or you're a history buff (like myself!) you should def. check it out :)

Interaction: The entries that are listed below are ones that were so controversial, that I couldn't get people to stop debating on them! haha, no but seriously, these ones exhumed some pretty good topics.

Here's a mouthful for a little story

Um, I don't know about you, but I barely have time to sleep: I wrote this, in a rather angry tone, in response to one of Lemire's excerpts.  He made the stereotypical claim that all college students do is drink, have sex, and don't study. GRR. If that makes you mad, read this entry and please leave you opinions! Maybe if we acquire enough feedback, Lemire himself will stumble upon it and give us a rebutle. mwhahahahaha. 

Oh, I'm sorry.  I didn't know that you could pick and choose jobs when you're flat broke: This is a

"Hello Handsome!"- Young Frankenstein: That's a little quote from the best movie EVER, Young Frankenstein (which I HIGHLY advise watching).  It talks about the importance of showing rather than telling.

I can actually understand where Rudy is coming from

I finally had a gasp of horror: If you're a geek when it comes to the annoyance of mispelled words and improper use of punctuation, you will def. get a good chuckle out of this.

Depth:  The entries are some of my more thought provoking ones.  I really found a deep connection with the topics at hand, and I wanted to share my opinions in a deeper context rather than just writing my initial reaciton.  For anyone that is reading this, I really do appreciate your opinions!  Let me know if you had a similiar opinion, or a completely different one for that matter!

Watch what you say: Need I say more? Hope you're curious ;)

Indiana Jones, Osiris, and Jesus all in the same story! YES: Talk about a crazy way to combine all these three together, but I guess the heart can do that sometimes. 

This sounds familiar, and trust me, that's not a good thing: This entry is a response about Nickel and Dimed, and how my summer job as a waitress compares to what the author is writing about.  It's one thing to read something, but it's another when you can fully relate to it and see it on an everyday basis. 

Surprise, Surprise! I disagree with you...AGAIN

The Story of my Life on page 207

So um...WHAT?

The antagonist owns my heart...but you probably already knew that:  For those of you that don't know me, I'm in love with horror and suspense literature, and I almost always fall for the bad guys in the plot.  I mean how can you not love a handsome, dark haired, brown eyed, devious, evil genious?

Dr. Patterson helped me to 'see.': I wrote this after an adventure I had in my American Literature Class the other night.  Dr. Patterson took the class outside in order to meditate and become one with nature, as Annie Dillard did with her story, Pilgram at Tinker Creek. It sort of has an Emerson and Thoreau feel to it, if you're into that kind of thing!

Faith and Rainbows: I wrote this for my Faith, Religion, and Society class, and it is an interesting comparison of how a simple rainbow can relate to the entire concept of religion.

Discussion Entries: The following links are links to my classmate's blogs entries that I have commented on.  They have some really interesting and thought provoking commentary!   Whether it's from Maddie's entry on her mom *trying* to throw her books away being, to Tiffany's entry on the punctuation family with the A.D.D. brother, I tried to bring there commentary into my own ideas.  I must say though, I agree with what these girls are dishing out!


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