I finally had a gasp of horror.

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"The dash is nowadays seen as the enemy of grammar, partly because overtly disorganized thought is the mode of most email and text communication, and the dash does an annoyingly good job in these contexts standing in for all other punctuation marks.  'I saw Jim - he looked g8- have you seen hik - what time is the thing 2morrow - C U there.'  Why is the dash the mark a la mode? Because it is so easy to use, perhaps; and because it is hard to use wrongly; but also because it is, simply ease to see (Truss 157)."

Ah the art of text messaging, email writing, and short hand in the 21st century. I'm going to be honest with you when I say that I dislike it.  I mean sometimes it has it perks, and I'll just it when I'm on AOL and typing a long story to someone, but I really do try to make an honest effort to type everything out in my texts because it irks me when things are mispelled. I do utitlize the dash, but not overly to the extent that one will think I've contracted dash fever.  Sometimes, you just need to know when to call it quits.

Jessie made a comment on one of my earlier entries stressing the importance of grammar and how I need to come to terms with my lack of affection for it.  Well, the more I keep reading this book, the more I find myself finding other's mistakes and sadly, it's driving me crazy.  For instance, I recieved an email today that lacked all basic forms of punctuation, and had no capitalization.  They used the A.D.D. exclamation mark to the extreme and I just sat there horrified.  How could one honestly type that and not feel guilty?  I mean I can understand it in poetry because you're trying to create a specific stylistic flair, but what is your excuse in everyday writing! After I gasped in horror, I just chuckled to myself because I realized Jessie was right, and I can now understand where he is coming from.


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