Poor, Poor Ender. You're still my favorite ;)

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"I've lived too long with pain.  I won't know who I am without it (Card 323)."

I really felt bad for Ender in the end.  He is who is he is because of all of the pain and suffering he has gone through.  He was brain washed from the get-go, and became so used to killing, that now he has slowly adapated and became a part of him.  I think it's safe to say that he finally found who he was, even if it's not the person that he wanted to be in the end. (Angela basically said everything that I wanted too, haha so check out her blog!)

Keep in mind though, living with pain isn't always a bad thing.  The strongest people sometimes are who they are because of the pain that they have dealt with.  Just because bad things have happened in one's life doesn't mean that they can't use it as a learning experience and grow from their suffering. 

(I have a really good story about how pain makes you grow as a person, but it's really personal, so I don't want to put it on here unless I know people want it here. So if you want to hear it, let me know and I'll either say it in class, or I'll edit it and put it in here)



Greta Carroll said:

I agree with you Stephanie, coming through all the difficulties is sometimes what makes people as understand and wise as they are. And I think that although Ender is not who he expected himself to be at the beginning that he not so far off the mark. Ender is still the compassionate person he was at the beginning, just far more cautious and wiser from the experience.
And if you feel comfortable sharing your story, I would be interested to hear it, although I would suggest saying it in class and not posting it.

Katie Vann said:

I completely agree with you Steph. Although no one wants to experience pain, sometimes it's needed in order to grow and become stronger. In Ender's case though, it made him stronger but also wiser and more cautious. Pain made him more mature and talented, but it also took his innocence.

Stephanie, if you decide to share it in class, and after that you think you want to post it, you can always do so. It's much harder to take back something you've published.

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