Sarcasm in Advice form. I LOVE it.

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"The "it talks about" and "As you can see from this quote" are very weak attempts to engage with the ideas presented by Kittler.  "In the book... it talks" is wordy and nonsensical (books don't talk). "


Reading this webpage really helped me recognize a lot of my flaws that were unintended (I swear!) and ones that I need to work on.  I know that I personally tend to use fillers quite a bit, but I didn't realize how dumb they sounded until I read this page.  When I read the above statement, I literally chuckled because I realized that I sounded like a moron.

There were two other points that I thought were incredibly useful:

1) In other words... = Don't waste words. Say it correctly the first time

2) It is clear that...= The students know darn well the meaning is not clear at all; this is a weak attempt at fooling the reader into seeing structure that isn't there

I mean, we as students, can't deny that we have all used those phrases at some point in our academic career.  But reading this made me realize how unprofessional it makes you sound.  Stick to the point, and trust yourself.  Don't try to beat around the bush.





Tiffany Gilbert said:

Trueee! About we have all used those useless phrases in attempt to make a point, but in reality, it weakens the meaning. Also true about speaking literally, "this book talks about..." books really don't talk. That is a clever way to get the point across. See? That is something I will remember and hopefully not do in the future, and I hope I can teach that to someone. It would humor them as well.

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