So I'm comma happy..whatcha goin' do bout' it.

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My favorite quote (since I feel pressured to pick one) would have to be on page 70.

Thurber was once asked by a correspondent: "Why did you have a commin in the sentence, 'After dinner, the men went into the living-room'?" And his answer was probably one of the loveliest thigns ever said about punctuation. "This particular comma," Thurber explained, "was Ross's way of giving the ment time to push back their chairs and stand up (Truss 70)." (insert chuckle here)

Music to my ears.

Honestly, I'm having a really hard time picking one quote from this section because I loved it all.  Alright here it goes... I, STEPAHNIE MARIE WYTOVICH, ADMIT TO LIKING THIS BOOK. Gah.  Ok I guess I feel a little better now.  Anyways, the introduction of the comma section owns my heart because it sounds like a familiar battle between my mom and me.  I would write a paper, put commas in any place that my little heart pleased, and send my paper off to my mom would would then get out the red pen, mark up my paper, and glare at me saying, "Are all of these commas really necessary?"  I was shocked! Are they necessary? OH MY GOD! Of course they were! How could they not be?  She broke my little 10 year old heart. Sound familiar? I guess I'm Harold Ross, and my mom is James Thurber.

But I digress.




I chuckled at this, Stephanie. Good work!

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