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Oh the joys of Urban Dictionary. For my Intro. to Literature class, my teacher told us to go on Urban Dictionary and find some interesting words and teach him something.  Turns out, I learned a few things myself!

I was sitting here trying to explain to myself why I picked these words, and how I could write a blog entry on examples, and depth, and all that fun stuff and I said to myself, "Self, if the world dosen't appreciate a bald duck wearing a Christmas sweater while living in Champlin MN, then there is no help for any one them."

(Insert chuckle here) - I picked them because they were random and funny. There is no explaination.


1.) To utterly dominate (preferably at a game of scrabble)
2.) a bald duck wearing a Christmas sweater living in Champlin MN
3.) a form of slightly molded Spanish cheese sitting in the sun
4.) a type of white, sliced bread
5.) a traditional professional Spanish cheese chef who is also a prostitute.

Examples used in a sentece:

1.) I totally xakquevenuvaired you in scrabble, 2000 to 0.
2.) Why did the xakquevenuvaire cross the rode? To get to the other side.
3.) I dare you to eat the xakquevenuvaire!!
4.) I'll have a 6 inch sub with xakquevenuvaire bread.
5.) My first time was with a xakquevenuvaire... I'll never recover...
*NOTE* If you are able to spell this word in a game of scrabble you automatically win, and are granted bragging rights for 100 years.


This word is basically just every letter on the keyboard from top to bottom, going in vertical lines.
Also used is: pqzm. This represents the four corners of the keyboard.

qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikol p.

which is the same thing as:

ugh im bored


A hairy guy who uses stencils and nair to create masterpieces on his chest. He also enjoys the thrill of getting hit by paintballs, and shooting other people with them.

Dang Zabiegalski you can so braid that.


The definition of a raajapakisourus (Pronounced Raaj-A-Paki-Sour-Arse)
It is a fat dinosour which always goes around giving the impression it is hard and that no one can beat him up, it does have a few close relations in the bibbysketasaurus and the zoeyscarestheshitoutofmea sourus. It is thought to weight between 5 and 10 tonnes and to be at an estimated hieght of around 6ft tall, approached with extreme caution, it is dangerous to approach illegal immegrants and if u find him call 07934427848


The above information was taken directly from Urbandictionary.com.


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