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If you can't tell from the poetric yet somber title of my blog, this is my last blogging portfolio for the semester. But no worries for all of you avid readers, I'll be sure to keep you posted during the summer.  I mean with taking on three jobs, going on vacations with friends and family, getting a [much anticipated, rocking] tattoo, and whatever else comes across my path, there is ALWAYS something to write about.  FYI: be on the lookout for music and movie updates, because that's what I do.  Other than writing, music is my passion.

On another note, I would like to thank Dr. Jerz for introducing me once again to the blogosphere world. I love it; For those of you that think you'll hate blogging, trust me when I say this, you won't.  It will end up becoming a daily routine and even a stress reliever at some points.

It's really sweet to look back one my freshmen year as a whole at SHU.  I mean I came in here an outspoken, outoing lil chick, but I'm leaving with so much more.  You realy do change when you come to college. I got in touch with my artistic and creative side, and switched my major because of it.  I found amazing friends that I wouldn't trade for the world, and became closer with my friends back home.  Some might say that I became a hippie since I've been at school, and I'll just chuckle and laugh at that comment.  I got in tune with a lot of political and environmental activism, so I can't exactly deny that :)  But the main change I found is in myself as a writer.  I learned how to express myself more clearly, and how to expand on my ideas and views and construct them in a more professional way.  For those of you that love writing, I leave you with this for now:  Now idea is worth wasting.  Write what you know, and write what you feel.  If you stick to you instict, and follow your heart, your writing will reflect your passion.

Below are my past two blog portfolios for Intro. to Literary Study:

Coverage: These entries are one's that I have gone out of my cover, such as English's Clubs events, reminders, etc. Other entiries will include links to our class's homepage, so you can get an idea what the assinment was, and even check it out yourself if the mood strikes you!  In some entries, I have also included links to other websites for research and clarification purposes.

  • So You're An English Major...Now What?--Let English Club Help You!: I decided last semester that I wanted the English Club to host an event this Spring to show English Majors (or Creative Writing, Journalism, etc.) what was available to them with their degree.  I planned for Dr. Jerz, Becky Campbell (Director of CareerWorks) and two SHU Alumni to come in and speak to the students about carrer experiences, internship opportunities, and what they could do to improve their resume.
  • Event Reminder: BE THERE
  • Yo Mama: This is a fun entry that we had to write for class.  We were instructed to go on and teach our professor something *gasp.* Talk about interesting.  It's amazing what you'll learn on that site, not matter how hip you think you already are, haha. If you get offended easy, don't read it. But if you have a good sense of humor... come on in!
  • Sarcasm in advice form...I Love It!

Timeliness: These entries were all posted 24 hours before class and they are on a variety of subjects! If you're feeling dangerous, give them a go!

Depth:  The entries are some of my more thought provoking ones.  I really found a deep connection with the topics at hand, and I wanted to share my opinions in a deeper context rather than just writing my initial reaciton.  For anyone that is reading this, I really do appreciate your opinions!  Let me know if you had a similiar opinion, or a completely different one for that matter!

  • theSYNTAXofAstoryDOESmatter: This entry recollects on the fact that authors don't just accidently us syntax in their writing.  Most of it is planned out and is put within the poem, story, prose, etc. to convey a message. This particular blog entry is on "Deathfugue."  Read it :)
  • This is my kind of book: For those of you that haven't read Ender's should get on that! It's Feed meets Star Wars, for all of you intergallactic space nerds like me. 
  • Ender's Game vs. Stay Alive: This blog entry compares the game that Ender played in his room (with the giant and the drinks) to the movie Stay Alive.  Kill or be killed. Enter at your own risk.
  • It's been a long day and I feel like writing: Hm, Guitar Hero meets SHU Alumni and Faculty.  This is a venting piece that I wrote one day.  Think of it like a diary entry.
  • Maybe following the light isn't so bad afterall
  • Be one with nature: For my Faith, Religion and Society class, I had to go to a tree planting ceremony and it was really cool.  If you're an environmental hippie like myself, you should probably read this. *tttoottttaaalllllyyyy*

Interaction: The entries that are listed below are ones that were so controversial, that I couldn't get people to stop debating on them! haha, no but seriously, these ones exhumed some pretty good topics.

Discussion Entries: The following links are links to my classmate's blogs entries that I have commented on.  They have some really interesting and thought provoking commentary!  



Thank you, Stephanie, for putting so much effort into your blogging. I'll be checking the blogs regularly, so I'll be looking forward to your future entries.

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