After a Brief Hiatus...

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Ah back to the blogosphere! It is def. nice to be home and back on the internet! I was going absolutley crazy with my internet being up and down and off and on; it was driving me crazy! Props to my wonderful boyfriend who fixed our connection problem and turned our house wireless. Talk about a HUGE relief!

Here are some quick updates about what I'll be talking about this summer:

1. I've picked up 3 jobs this summer, and already have tons of interesting information and stories to share.

2. Movies Movies Movies!!!

3. Book Reviews for all the bookworms out there (if you're shaking your head, stop denying it)

4. Ideas for the story I'm writing!! - I've been throwing ideas around for years about writing a book, and I've decided that if I don't start at least writing a draft of it now that I'm not going to.  So, I'm trying to write a little bit each day, and I'll keep everyone updated!



If you're dying to write, there's an issue of the Summer Setonian underway... maybe Stormy could use more contributions.

Good luck with your projects -- I hope to hear about them here.

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