New Ride at Kennywood Proves to be a Hit!

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Lord Kenneth Ghostwood and his estate have made their mark on Kennywood!

Yesterday, I went to Kennywood with my family and a couple of friends from school and we decided to try out Kennywood's new ride that has replaced the Gold Rush.  Ghostwood Estate is a pretty sweet ride for all the horror buffs out there, but I must say that I was instantly reminded of The Haunted Mansion at Disney World (a.k.a my favorite ride).  The ride seemed to have def. similarites in the fact that you have an introduction before the ride and what not, but let's be honest with each other.  Nothing can ever top The Haunted Mansion! :)

While standing in line at the 'estate', they are playing creepy music that lures you into the haunting mood.  Before you get into the 4-person buggies, you enter a large, dusty cobwebbed room where Lord Kenneth Ghostwood drops by for a visit.  After his spirit awoke and flew out of his picture above the mantle place, he proceeded to tell us the rules of his mansion, and the horror that has bestowed itself upon the grounds.  Apparently after his death, he wasn't the only one to hang around.  Spirits have invaded the mansion, and it was our job to clear them out with the lazer guns equipped in our buggies.  The spirits all have targets on them, and the more you hit, the more thrilling, chilling, terror you will experience.  Plus getting more points than your friends is always a plus, even though I lost.

All in all, I really liked the ride because it combined two of my favorite things, ghosts and video games. I felt like I was dropped off in Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy trying to prevent the house from swallowing me and my friends alive! It was especially cool when I realized that when you hit some of the target, the monsters and spirits fly and jump out at you! I'll admit, I jumped!  It was def. a hit with me, and with the  younger crowd, considering my little brother and his friends loved it as well!  But for those of you interested in the dark and creepy, I would say to def. give it a shot!



I understand that Kennywood has more thrill rides and stuff for tweens and teens and up. What's there that my six-year-old daughter might enjoy?

Stephanie Wytovich said:

There are tons of rides that your daughter would enjoy :) They have lesser thrill rides that would be similiar to the ones you would find at Idewild like the umbrellas, Garfield's Nightmare, and the Kangaroo. There were even tons of little kids in line for the ride that I wrote about because it's just like playing lazer tag (as long as your daughter doesn't get scared easily)!

I don't know what the age limit is for Kiddie Land there, but that might even be a possiblity for her :) If you haven't been there before, I strongly recommend it! My family and I have been going every year for as long as I can remember and it still hasn't got old!

OK, thanks for the recommendation. We have season tickets for Idlewild, and I think they come with a discount to Kennywood, so maybe we'll sample it and see what the kids think.

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