Something I whipped up.

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A Tempest’s kiss

One kiss is all it takes.

Bittersweet irony to a dead man’s hunger

Swirling nonstop in his cavity of rage and darkness with no way out.

You make a deal with the Devil

And forever dance in the moonlight

While your fate is sealed with a piercing kiss.


You can hear it pulsing in her veins.

Dark and crimson.

You long for the taste.

The Kill.

One bite won’t hurt.


Like a fountain pouring from your skin.

Convince yourself that it’s wrong

When you know it’s oh so right.

Her long, flowing hair and her creamy white skin

Glistens in the moonlight as you watch her from her

Bedroom window.

An angel soon to become a demon of the night.

Like a bat out of hell you scream metamorphosis

And define the similarities of man and beast.

A predator ready to pounce on his prey.

For what is the purpose of life and love

Because when you’re dead, you have nothing to live for.

One kiss is all it takes.

From a vampire.

A beast

Or a man.

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