The Brood: Let's go on this journey together

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Oh Psychoplasmics... gotta love it.

I'll be very honest with the fact that I have mixed feelings about this film.  Overall, it's not something that I would probably watch again for amusement, but it does tie in well with the genre of psychological horror.  So I guess what I'm saying is that I respect it in the genre, but not as a 'hey I loved this movie' type of flick.

I thought that it was rather boring until the end of the movie, and it just seemed to take such a long time to get into the actual plot for me. I wasn't crazy about the murders, and I thought the children were an odd representation of her rage, and the ending just kind of threw me off because it seemed like if the beginning was re-done that it would actually be a pretty good horror film.

I will admit that when I first saw the ending scene when Nola invites us along on her journey... I had to pick my jaw off of the floor.  The movie was just so slow to me and then all of a sudden BAM! Child in the womb...bumps on the body...Ripping through the amniotic sack...licking the blood off the child... WICKED SWEET.  The movie totally had my interest now.  I actually wanted to gag a little so Cronenberg won my respect there.  I really did love the last two scenes... I thought the murder of the doctor was better than the previous ones but that was probably because there were like 20 broodlings attacking him + the addition of him shooting them in the head. Good form. 

That was my impression the first time I watched it.

Watching The Brood again proved to tie up a few loose ends, and I was able to pay more attention to character growth, and the growth of conflict. When I watched it the first time, it seemed that the murders were so random and off the wall....probably because I didn't immediately connect Nola's anger to them.  But the second time through, it honestly made the plot a LOT better for me, and I could feel the (psychological) horror at its best.  The only thing that I wish was different was that the children had a more distinct or recognizable feature to them:  I liked the description on them when they were in the coroner's office (that was wicked cool and I think Cronenberg did a really good job with the visual aspect of them), but I feel like it might have been creepier if they resembled a warped version of Candice or something.  Since Candice really is the main focus of the conflict, it would be really freaky if she also resembled the killers in appearance as well.  I mean, still keep the deformed look and the outfits and what not...just change the face around a little.  I don't know, that's just me ha-ha.

I have to give props to the very ending of the movie when they zoomed in on Candice's face.  I loved the shock of horror that they showed, as well as the psychological and emotional trauma that she is going through.  AND THEN when they zoomed in on her arm and showed the bumps...Brilliant! What a way to end the movie...showing that she inherited her mother's 'disease' and that she can be the next product of eevvviiillll.  AH  I loved it!!!!!


Marcus Christian said:

I can't say I was as much of a fan of this movie as you were. I couldn't get past the silliness of the plot. You are right, the ending did help push the movie along. I also felt bored watching it. I can't say how many times I checked my watch during the movie.
The last murder was really the only one that was halfway believable. There was a gaggle of kids instead of one with a temper. I'd have to say that the ending did clean up the loose ends but it wasn't a surprise to me. I hadn't heard of the movie before, knew nothing about it but I knew the ending and the great surprise before it came.
Overall, I'd agree with you, I won't be watching this again.

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