"Jumby wants to be born now." - The Unborn

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These past couple weeks, I have been trying to rent some popular horror movies that I haven't seen yet and I ended up getting: The Unborn, Jennifer's Body, and The Orphan.  Let's just say that with these movies I witnessed it all...from pretty decent, to bad, to just plain horrible.

The Unborn:  For those of you that haven't seen this movie, don't be thrown by the movie trailer for it.  When I first saw it, I thought it was about the girl's unborn brother that was coming after her-- you know the whole only one of us can live thing.  But to be honest, this movie really didn't have anything to do with that, except for the fact that the movie concluded with it???  It turns out, the plot actually begins back in the Holocaust were the Nazi's were experimenting on twins--primarily their eye color.  Well long story short, they ended up killing one of the twins, only for his body to become inhabited by a dibook (sp?), a creature of Jewish mysticism that is neither human nor ghost. 

The story's protagonist, Casey, played by Odette Yustman, finds out that she is a twin (due to a color defect in her eye) as well as that it was her cord that killed him in the womb.  Her mother committed suicide when she was younger, and the emotional effects of everything that is happening around her seems to be building up around her.  Through some research into her family history, a visit to the hospital where her mother died, and a meeting with a rabbi, Casey slowing begins to unravel her dark past as she fights forces of the unknown by means of possession and exorcism.  Sounds like one of your basic plots for a horror movie...right?? We'll here is what made me personally hate this movie.

First off...the movie is full of your basic cliches: faces in the mirror, lights going out at the worst possible moment, the exorcism goes wrong and turns one of the priestly figures into a possessed demon...you know the usual (haha).  But to make matters worse....the movie starts out with her finding a fetus in a glass jar in the woods, and then leads up to her seeing this creepy child (her great uncle), staring at her from the road.  She brushes it off and goes to babysit, and finds one of the kids holding a mirror to his baby brother screaming "Jumby wants to be born."  Well as I mentioned, we later find out that Jumby is her dead twin brother....but the movie has nothing to do with him??  All throughout the movie, kids, and teachers, and signs keep appearing that "Jumby want's to be born"  but the movie is about her escaping the dibook that he haunting her for her body?  True, she gets pregnant at the end of the story... but that is ever unclear.  To me, it makes sense that the dibook would try to come back after her children (similar with that happened to her mother), but then they do that weird Jumby thing again, so I have to wonder if they meant her to get pregnant with her brother now??  Very weird.

I didn't find the movie scary at all, and frankly it was pretty bad.  I feel like the writer had a really good idea in his head for a movie, but wanted to almost put two movies into one, which clearly didn't work.  The cliches made the "chill factor" or the "jumpy parts" easy to feel coming, so there wasn't really a freak out factor to the movie in my opinion. Although I will admit that they made the child (great uncle) a pretty creepy specimen!  If I had to rate it, I think I would give it a 4.


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