October 10, 2006

EL405- Flash Journalism

I can't wait for today's Flash workshop after reading part of Flash Journalism by Minday McAdams. I'll admit, I didn't really know what to expect while making Flash, but my mind is now at ease.

The book opens up with the design goals of Flash journalism; I now know the different methods of using captions and sound, and how sound and images affect the viewer.

Flash journalism stands alone in the news medium category. McAdams empasizes the effect that control has on viewers; with Flash, the audience chooses what to click and when.

Even though subconciously I knew this information, sitting down with a book that presents these pertinent Flash elements gives me some direction and ideas for our project.

I think I may use Flash for Project one, as I think it will be better for communicating educational information.

Flash Journalism discusses how Flash journalism is a combination of older mediums. I particularly like McAdams's likening of Flash to old projectors, the mouse click being like advancing a slide on a projector, on pg 4.

While reading the case studies, I found the screen shots of the Flash program to be enticing. They looked fairly simple, and hopefully learning Flash will prove as a valuable tool in my career as a journalist. I like to write and create things that evoke emotions in people, and Flash is the perfect tool for doing so both visually and through audio.

Posted by StormyKnight at October 10, 2006 12:23 PM

I found that flash has been the hardest medium for me to work in, even though it seems to present itself in a rather simple form: a slideshow. I have quickly realized that thses are not the slideshows that many of us are familiar with ie; powerpoint.

I agreed with the observation you made about the "audience chooses what to click and when" and felt it was very valid. For this reason I feel it is important to make a flash show that is easily accessible, user friendly, and not overloaded with too many options that may confuse the audience.

Posted by: Leslie Rodriguez at October 17, 2006 3:35 PM
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