November 16, 2006

Project II, second guesses.

For project 2 in EL405, I've already proposed a Flash presentation on new media journalism for the site.

I proposed that idea for one of two reasons. 1. We need to add to the site in EL200, and I think Flash would be excellent for interactivity. and 2. I have the most trouble with Flash.

I think I've made my origional slideshow about 7 times over now. I usually get 99% of the way finished in a fairly short time, then when it comes to scripting my buttons to move to the next slide, I'm done. I just can't figure it out.

I've tried starting my presentation as simply a new document, I've tried starting with a new slideshow presentation, I've even messed with prefabricated slideshow templates to see if I couldn't teach myself something new. I have tried with no avail. It's not that I dislike Flash, because I think it is an excellent tool, I'm frustrated with myself.

It seems like the answer is so simple, but everytime I ask somebody it never really seems to help. They just hem and haw and eventually walk away from me. I call it my "on/release" problem.

So in essence, I only really have one slide done, the title screen. What good are the other slides I've finished if you can't see them? Refer to my last Flash screenshot to see my progress then, I guess. Haha.

With that said, I've found a tutorial online I think will help me. I'm going to try it when I'm finished writing this, more to come.

Yesterday in class while Leslie and I were playing each others games, I came up with an idea. The conversation probably went something like this:

Me, "Dude, I have a great idea for project two."

Leslie, "Oh ya man, what?"

Me, "What if we took each other's games and expanded them?"

Leslie, "That's awesome, let's ask Jerz."

Upon asking, it has been accepted as long as Leslie and I come up with a plan to expand the game and present it.

For my game, I'd definitely like it if Leslie made the lessons in my game a little less obvious. Right now my game literally tells the player they've learned a new skill. I think this is acceptable for elementary school students, but junior high students would find it dull. I'd also like to add more tangible objects, significant to the CTS portion or not, to add more for the player to do. Leslie is very good at coming up with multiple things to put in environments, that can be seen when playing her game for project I.

Leslie's game is set in a jungle, which is a perfect setting for adding many objects. I'd like to fix some of the coding in her game, as we had already discussed. There are a few in her game that work to a certain point, but are meant to be used through the entire game.

I still have to discuss this with her further, but that's my rough idea so far.

Posted by StormyKnight at November 16, 2006 2:28 PM
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