November 19, 2006

EL405 Portfolio 2

Since the first portfolio, New Media Projects has shifted directions. We've completed all the readings, and class has been a series of workshops- a time to follow tutorials, learn new software, and perfect our projects.

This course is saturated with peer learning, and I love it. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Collaberating and learning from my classmates has personally been very successful and it's enriched my creativity. Working on projects with my friends keeps me motivated. Even though I didn't collaberate with anybody for project 1, I still obtained vauluable information from watching my classmates play my Catholic Social Teaching Interactive fiction game.

Project 1: Catholic Social Teaching issue-

EL405 Project one- Catholic Social Teaching Issue- This was the first primary research I did on Catholic Social Teaching. I actually used this information in my final game, primarily the 10 builiding blocks of CST.

Project 1 Proposal- I proposed and Interactive Fiction (IF) game, and that's what I made. The game stayed true to this proposal, I followed my rough idea and expaned upon it when actually making the game. There's no real way of putting everything, down to the last detail of the last object, in a proposal. By making my proposal a rough idea, I was able to play around with ideas while coding the game.

CST Project is finished, but tweaking is needed- This entry includes screen shots of my finished IF game, as well as notations on what I need to correct. My peers and Dr. Jerz were able to give me extremely helpful information just by sitting down and letting me watch them play my game. Everybody seemed to enjoy it and saw it as a successful demonstration of CST.

Project 2: Project of our choice-

Project 2 Proposal- I originally propsed a Flash presentation to go on the New Media Journalsim site. This entry links to another with my expanded idea.

Project II, second guesses- While playing each other's games for Project 1, I came up with an idea for Leslie and I to collaberate on a project for number 2. She liked the idea, and Dr. Jerz did also. We will now be expanding upon each other's IF games that we completed for Project 1. This entry is my proposed ideas for the expansion of Leslie's jungle-themed IF.

Comments and Disussion: I recieved a lot of feedback and comments on my own blog entries, but here are a few links to my peer's entries in which I leave comments for them.

Leslie on Project 2

Leslie on Flash

Karissa on Project 2

Amanda on Interactivity

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