November 20, 2006

EL200: Ex. 4: New Media Journalism site

As a class, we've already posted and discussed several options for imporving the New Media Journalism weblog for SHU.

These will take you back to some of my previous ideas...
(starting with the most recent)

1. Portfolio 3 Action Item

2. Possible NMJ site addition

3. News Analysis: New Media Journalism Website

I'd still like to use my ideas from numbers 2 and 3, but I mainly want to focus on number 1, adding a Flash presentation to the site on "What is New Media Journalism?" As I previously stated, I feel this will bring much needed color, interactivity, and professionalism to the site as well as demonstrating to prospective students a valuable example of the software they will learn while majoring in NMJ at SHU.

Content I would like to include:

What is a weblog?
What is a Wiki?
How is Flash used in NMJ?
Examples of national and college online publications
Pointers for writing for the internet
The benefits of posting news online
Cautions to take when posting online

I'm sure we'll discuss this in class today, but any content ideas are welcome!

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