December 5, 2006

you'll never hit your thumb with this hammer

Last Thursday in New Media Projects, we finally began working with Hammer, Vavle Software's map creation program.

We're using the software to create levels in Half-Life 2, a first person shooter for PC. I've been looking forward to this all semester because I love designing archiechture. I'm a huge fan of The Sims, and building the houses and designing the interior is my favorite part of the game. Only a few people know that I'm dying to go to school for interior design. Granted, desinging rooms for Half-Life isn't exactly glamorous, but it's got endless possibilities.

Desinging levels appeals to many of my hobbies: video games, interior design, architechtual design, and graphic art. I've found Hammer very user-friendly. I like the fact that it runs on a grid system. It's simple to make walls that are the same thickness and appropriate demensions. Hammer is the type of software that most video game addicts could figure out just by playing around. There's no guessing what a button does or confusing coding.

Leslie and I were able to breeze through the tutorials working on one computer, I had to loan my game out since some of our classmates didn't purchase the game. I'm excited to continue working with Hammer, and I hope to begin placing more objects in the room and really getting into customization.

Posted by StormyKnight at December 5, 2006 1:30 AM


My computer is so slow, and I go so crazy w/ the decorating ,that it's the amount of objects in my house that make the game lag. It's really quite sad!

There's not a room in my house that goes w/o artwork and area rugs...and plants. I need two maids to keep up w/ the watering. I wish that were a possibility.

Sadly, due to the amount of HGTV i watch, I can positively say that interior designers use the same type of programs to design and present their rooms.

3D animation in interior design helps the client to get a better feel for the room than a simple presentation board w/ drawings. All the programs I've seen look a bit cartoon-ish though, not many textures to choose from.

Posted by: Stormy at December 11, 2006 2:37 PM


I will surely bring a copy! My computer is too slow to run it anyway. I may just wind up bringing you the game itself. If I EVER get a new computer I'll just pay for the poastage for you to send them or if you're around I can meet you. We can have lunch!

I'll bring the best expansion packs too. We can sitdown soon and I'll show you some useful cheats when building houses.

Posted by: Stormy at December 11, 2006 2:29 PM

I agree, building in the Sims is the best part of that game! I would build all sorts of houses for all sorts of characters and then never actually play through their lives...

And while Hammer is a tad harder than Sims, it's also a heck of alot more powerful. It's got those lighting effects and shadows and all that fancy stuff that would surely cripple the Sims.. and it's got zombies.

Do interior designers use programs similar to Sims and Hammer to test out room designs?

Posted by: Mike Rubino at December 9, 2006 11:10 AM

Can you bring a copy of Sims to class when we present next week? I'd love to try it.

Posted by: Amanda at December 8, 2006 4:15 PM

Well, it is and it isn't. Hammer is 100x more intricate. Bulding houses with the Sims is set on a grid system as well, which I think is why I related it to Hammer.

Both games are, to me, "what you make is what you get." It's very simple.

I suggest you try playing the Sims! It is addicting. =D I can loan you the game if you'd like, and I have almost all of the expansion packs for it. Haha.

Posted by: Stormy at December 7, 2006 9:47 PM

I've never played/built on Sims. Is the interface similar to Hammer's?

Posted by: Amanda at December 6, 2006 4:13 PM

I agree that the interface is very user-friendly. As I wrote on my blog, I like to experiment with the buttons and modes when I try out a new piece of software, and this one was very forgiving to that learning process.

Stormy, I've never used Sims before, but it looks like a blast from all the advertising I've seen. Is the interface similar to Hammer?

Posted by: Amanda at December 6, 2006 4:11 PM
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